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  1. Football Manager Live

    Been missing FML a fair bit recently... I'm playing a lot of FM iat the moment but it is just far too easy in comparison. I'm still rocking with my old FML tactics and philosophy! Plus i have nothing to rage about any more
  2. Takeovers

    I had quite an amusing one. I created a new team in the BSN, (or activated them as they were in database still) for Leeds City FC. All is going well climbing up the leagues so a takeover was inevitable, but who should this be who has taken over my club ? It's only bloody Peter Risdale!!! He's not splashing the cash unfortunately.
  3. Hard Drive Speed

    You probably wont notice too much difference in FM really. I've got an SSD in my desktop and it's awesome, but FM wise it's not actually much different as it doesn't load much from the hard drive. Even saving games isn't massively quicker.
  4. FM2012 difficulty.

    It depends on the posistion and what style you are trying to play really, it's not all about pace and acceleration. For example, pace isn't so important for a DC (although you don't want one who's too slow either, so anything above say 10-11 should be ok) but you just need to look for jumping/strength mainly but it's useful to have other physical attributes fairly rounded for this position. But by contrast if i'm looking for a DL or a DR the only thing I filter on is pace and acceleration. My current DR only has 2 technical attributes in double figures (Championship level) and he performs just fine. There's no hard and fast rule and it still does require some knowledge and skill? to work out which players can perform in certain posistions. I don't think I could have the patience to play with a skin hiding all the attributes though, but good effort on that! I don't really watch the games in enough detail to make my own judgements on players without seeing their atts and stats.
  5. FM2012 difficulty.

    I am enjoying the game a lot but can't help feel something is amiss because there's not really much of a challenge. I started off in BSN with no players and pretty much every season i've tonked every team in sight and won the league. Each season I just sign a new team of players and again, off I go and win the league or at least hit the automatic spot. I'm currently in the Championship with a total wage bill of 40k and again, beating everyone in sight! It's rather sad that only 1,000 fans can cram into my tiny stadium to watch my team. My team rep is lower than half the teams in League 1 ! The issue for me is the same as it has been for a while now. You don't actually need good players to win matches on FM. So long as you sign players with a few key attributes that's all you need. Physical attributes still win over everything else and mental/technical attributes can all but be ignored. They are just like an added luxory if you have money to spend, but they aren't really required. I'm playing exactly the same tactics/formation and applying the same prinicples I was when playing FM Live a year or so ago now and nothing much seems to have changed. I've not made a single tactical change in 6 seasons, I ignore all player interaction and press conferences because there's simply no need to do it. (and it's a bit boring) Winning matches is simply down to a few key attributes and maintaining some form... that's it. The problem is, it's hard to forget what you know. I could start playing a different formation and I could start signing players because they look good rather than because I know they will score 50 goals a season.... but it's hard to do that!
  6. I've been using steam since the day it was released in 2003 and it used to be a complete pile of cack, but I absolutely love it now. Valve are one of the shining stars of the PC gaming industry and steam has been a revolution. You can buy and download games for a pittance and always at the maximum speed of your connection. The friends system is amazing for joining your friends playing games, albeit not really used in FM. It's great for tracking stats from your games too. SI have always been a bit stuck in the past with their games so I was quite amazed they took this decision. I generally hate DRM and wont buy games because of it. Any kind of protection which means pirates get a better experience than legitimate users is garbage, but with steam, for me at least, I get a better experience than I would if it wasn't running through steam. If you've tried steam and hate it, then I wont try and change anyone's mind but if you haven't actually tried it you should at least give it a go. I think the steam thing is maybe only an issue because in a lot of FM players are not actually gamers so don't play anything else and thus miss out on a lot of the befits and on top of this are massively untechnical to the point that every year people can't even figure out how to download patches etc. If this was any other game there would probably be a lot less complaints.
  7. People keep saying this, but it's just as easy in the lower leagues.... I created a new team with no money and no players in the BSN. I signed my entire team of players from the free transfer market and I pretty much spank every team in sight quite often winning by 5+ goals. Maybe i've messed something up with the rep or something but pretty sure it all looks good. I think i've lost a total of about 4 games across my entire time playing the game with 3 different saves!
  8. I often do this with the editor but it's a bit of a faff and on occasion has caused the game to fall over 6 months down the line due to a mistake I made or something. Would be a nice option to have a wizard.
  9. The counter stops going up at the end of the season, or it least it did for me last time. I was on 55 games unbeaten at the end of a season and at the start of next season it didn't continue to increase. Think I had 36 wins in a row in a run of 70+ unbeaten in that save. I stopped playing when I lost my first game My most bizarre unbeaten record is about 5 seasons unbeaten in the league cup.
  10. God, this is still bloody awful. It's SO unresponsive and slow. I'm not talking about loading times specifically, but how long it actually takes once the thing has loaded to scroll. It takes about 3 seconds once a thread appears to have loaded before I can actually start scrolling down it and it's still a massive lag fest then. I'm on a pretty high spec PC with 4 gig of ram and a quad core cpu, no other website is like this. It takes about an extra 10 seconds to load on my iphone now while on wireless. Seriously.... this needs sorting out, it's completely ruined this site for me. Slowness aside it still looks terrible.
  11. It's not even the loading times, just scrolling up the page is laggy for me... This is on a good PC with a quad core CPU and 4 gig of ram. If I grab the scroll bar and try and scroll up to the top of the page it's not smooth at all. When pages have fully loaded i've got lag before I can even start scrolling.
  12. Doesnt really work properly on iPhone either for me, taking an age to load fully and whole background is coloured black until it loads. Writing stuff is very laggy too
  13. Absolutely terrible, wouldn't mind so much if it used more than half my screen... It looks like one of those free bulletin boards you used to see about 10 years ago.
  14. This is the first skin I have liked since about FM07 ! It find it so much easier and quicker to actually get to where I want to go with less clicking around. Everything just seems to intuitive and where you would expect it to be, I could never find what I wanted on FM09 despite having played the series for many years. I could imagine the back/forward thing being a little annoying if you didn't use your side mouse buttons though.