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  1. [South Korea] (Official) Data Issues

    I pointed this out in FM17 but Korean football outside of the K-League is severely outdated. Issues include: National league rosters/staff pretty much haven't been touched since 2012 (with a few exceptions). Same applies to the K3 but less so as less players Some teams are missing their name changes/reloction i.e. incheon Korail to Daejeon Korail & Cheonan City to Cheongju City U-League as of 2017 had 85 teams. The current database has around 50 odd teams which is numbers from around the 2010 season Many players who dropped out of K-League since 2012 to lower leagues haven't had their playing history added to These issues make the yearly Korean file I do have more extra work required than there needs to be. Other countries have their non-playable leagues kept up to date at least on a yearly basis so I think it'd be fair that the Korean lower leagues get some kind of update. I'd be more than happy to share my data/research with the Korean researchers if they so desire.
  2. I have a custom US file that adds the NASL teams into an expanded USL of two conferences of 19 teams each. The rules are set for the top 9 from each conference to qualify for the playoffs. However come the end of the season the conferences are skipping teams in the playoff positions so teams in say 12th and 14th place are qualifying in their place. I've done two test versions of the file, one where I removed the USL/NASL outright from the default rules via xml editing anand another only removing the NASL via the aforementioned method. Both files however produce the same outcome. I looked at the file under advanced rules and every seems as is it should be. The issue can be seen below:
  3. Most wanted editor features

    The ability to set teams as different types such as club,academy or school. For example a team set as a club would function as a normal team eg buying and selling players whereas academy and school teams would be unable to sign players and instead soley rely on what comes through their system. As of current it's only possible to block teams from buying players via setting a super long transfer embargo but I've found this at times to still not prevent clubs from buying players.
  4. [FM18] South Korean Pyramid

    First post updated with a preview version of the file. As stated this is not intended to be playable but is being released to preview the file plus test it. Also if anyone is able to read Hangul please PM me as I have some stuff I need to translate and google translate isn't playing nice with the data.
  5. Two minor things: Qatar is missing its U23 League http://www.qfa.qa/q-league/ Also when I was editing doing some data editing in your Uruguay file it failed to verify the 2nd division after 31/12/18. I did data edits to some of your other files and I never had this issue.
  6. In it's 5th (I think) iteration this file expands the Korean League system to beyond the professional K-League. Leagues added National League (Semi-pro tier 3) K3 Advanced (Amateur tier 4) K3 Basic (Amateur tier 5) U-League (Amateur secondary division non-playable) Cups added National League Cup (tier 3 teams only) Regional cups (tier 3-5) National Sports Festival (tier 3-5) Other changes Updated competion histories for all leagues & cups Histories for historical cups/leagues (e.g. FA cup precursors and pre professional era top flight) National League staff/player rosters updated for current season Competition histories for all playable teams Club colours updated/added Updated player histories + ability changes All cities added plus changes to existing ones Updates to current stadia plus new ones added Adjustment to transfer preferences Potential inclusions Local amateur leagues What's not included High School competitions Compatibility issues Competitions/clubs that need to be added are added using existing in game assets with nothing attached to them so file should be compatible with anything that creates new UID's for either of these. No persons have been added by me so will work fine with any file that does so. Suggested files This file pairs very well with the excellent Japanese pyramid/database by FOSS which can be found here here DOWNLOAD PREVIEW VERSION (FOR PREVIEW/TESTING ONLY)
  7. One minor suggestion I'd have is changing transfer preferences: Brazil should be set to most players as Brazilians are numerous in the J.League with a minimum age of 19 (players at this age tend to be loaned to Japanese clubs every so often). South Korea should be also set to most players for the same reasons as Brazil (min age 14 would be fine imo as players do move young every so often). For continents -2 is fine but the age min age should be raised to 22 for all. I'd however set South America to 12 to offset suggested change below. For regions I'd remove remove South America as it's already included under continents. I'd add Eastern Europe with rating of 12 and minimum age of 22 to reflect J.Leagues habit of buying players from this region.
  8. I noticed the way reserve/youth teams are handled has been changed from the has fixtures tick boxes to something more in depth. What do the never used and not used boxes entail & also would I need to create reserve teams then tick these boxes to force teams not to play youth/reserve fixtures?
  9. Nope still the same issue happening. So far I've ran the game only under steam-runtime. I don't suspect it'll make any difference but I plan to test under steam-native to see if the issue still occurs.
  10. I uninstalled the graphics drivers then cleared cache then redownloaded gpu drivers (for reference its the xf86-video-ati open source driver as my card is an older model). As for how steam is installed it was installed as package when installing the OS (the install media includes steam as an optional package and also fetches the latest version from the repos during install). Steam also has the necessary 32-bit components installed (without 32-bit components some games won't function when running under a 64-bit OS).
  11. dpkg-reconfigure is a command only for distros in the debian family. Antergos is in the arch family so the above command wouldn't work.
  12. No crash dump file has ever been generated with any of these crashes. As stated in OP nor the OS or game provides any kind of notification upon the game ceasing to function.
  13. After starting a new save and after the manager setup I'm crashing when clicking on-screen elements e.g. a club or a league etc. I had this issue in the BETA but it's still present after updating to the full retail version. I've been able to repeat this behaviour across several new games & also observed that the smaller the save the more elements I'm able to click on before crashing but a crash happens eventually regardless. When crashing the game just shuts down without any dialog box or system notification from either the game or OS. I've also tested in both full screen & windowed to see if this was a cause but testing has shown the issue to happen in both. System Specs OS:Antergos Version: n/a as rolling release Kernel Version: 4.13 .11-1-Arch CPU: i7-2600k Graphics: AMD Turks (is up to date) RAM: 16 (2x8 DIMMS) Storage: SSD Desktop Environment: Gnome 3.26.2 Also as it's been raised in other Linux bugs realpath is installed as part of the coreutils package.
  14. Mod Requests

    Can I have the below deleted. Ran into some bugs/errors that are hindering my game. Thanks.
  15. South Korea (Level 5)

    I opted against this as messing with the K-League messes up things such as players being called up for national service. As for the folded teams outwith the K-League I decided to keep them in for the sake of numbers. FIle has been re-uploaded. See first post for new link.