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  1. DOWNLOAD HERE (BETA 1) This file expands Korea to include it's pyramid below of the National League and both tiers of the K3 League plus the U-League as a secondary division. The file also adds acommpynying cup competions and updates to data (competion histories,transfers etc) & also does some minor updates the North Korea. Comptablity All clubs and competions that needed to be added were done by overwritting existing assets already in the game with no information attached to them so in theory this file should be fully compatible with other files so long as they haven't used these assests (a full list can be given if needed). Recomended Game Setup I'd highly suggest loading Brazil in order to get the full K-League experience of everyone signing 4th rate Brazilians en-masse. For added depth in the region & contintent I'd suggest the Japan file by Foss and also the J-League structure by Classen
  2. Seoul E-Land (66034891) are set as semi-pro but should be professional. This is an issue from when the club was in the DB but in a non-playable league. For transfer preferences South Korea should have Brazil (the age range I'm not sure what to set but 20 as a minimum age would be reasonable imo) set to 'most players' as Korean clubs love siging no-mark players purely based on the fact they are Brazilian and Brazilians are by the the most numerous foreigners in K-League history. Further on transfer preferences for region Eastern Europe I'd suggest a median value of 10-12 with a minimum age of 22. This would be fair as Eastern Europeans have long been in abudnace in the K-League. Choi Eun-Taek (5622901) should be removed as he died in 2007 Bucheon 1995 are missing their non-league history from the K3. This would be worth adding as clubs who formerly played in the non-league National League have histories associated with their non-league times. It should look like this HongChun Idoo FC (66000521), Namyangju United FC (66010553),& Yongin FC (66010578) should all be set as extinct as they all folded several years ago The rosters for clubs below the K-League are severly outdated. Minus a few players the clubs have the rosters they had in 2012 (this applies to both players and staff). The player database is severly bloated. Their are numerous free agents in the db who haven't had clubs in years (some going back as far as 2004 from what I've observed). Sunghwa College (5704915) should be removed as it was shut down by the government in 2011 The participants in the U League (136412) is outdated. The database appears to be how the U League was in 2010.
  3.;postatt_id=6995;guest=152714446 the propsed changes alluded to.
  4. Cuervos JAP FC (51060275) have the the wrong Ensendana set as their city. It should be the Mexican one not the one in Argentina.
  5. Duran Martin (29107230) of Corby Town has the wrong nationality set. It should be Antigua & Baracuda, not Barbados. Ben Chapman (90012130) of Leek Town appears to be an international player for the British Virgin Islands
  6. Ovays Azizi (27117668) should have his primary and secondary nationality swapped as he is a fully fledged Afghan international
  7. I haven't tested it myself but in theory it should as I haven't touched anything that file would touch.
  8. First version now available (plus notes). Feedback is welcome and apprecaited.
  9. Small update: This file is still coming out but won't be out until after the final patch (how long depends on how much the lower leagues have been altered by the update)
  10. This file now it's in it's third iteration expands the Korean league to include football beyond the professional K-League adding the semi-pro National League and the amateur K3 League (the 4th tier name suggests it's the third tier, don't ask) plus also the university and high school systems (much like the US these are heavily connected to the professional game) but as secondary divsions (for reasons I will detail upon full release). Various cups associated with these levels are also implimented including a re-built FA Cup. Asides from the structure data in the lower leagues (and the K-League as well) has been updated (alot of data at this level is 4 or 5 years out of date) whether that be clubs, players etc. Competition/league histories have also been updated both competitions new and old dating all the way back to the late 1920's. V1.0 here Known issues .The K3 league in reality has an inter league stage, this isn't possible in basic editor so teams play teams in their group three times .The national sports festival takes all tier 3 & 4 teams. In reality it's auto qualifiers (teams who are only team in their region) plus winners of regional qualifiers. When trying to set it up this way the game ignores the regional winners and only takes the auto qualifiers hence the comprimise. .Additonaly irl it takes place over a week long period at a single venue or single city but the basic editor can't allow for this so the competion is set to take place at the end of the season with some rounds being played at neutral venues .The National League Cup irl takes place over a short period in Yanggu. This isn't possible in basic editor so the duration of group stage is stretched with final taking place in Yanggu. .The R-League is added as regular league rather than reserve one. Again down to using the basic editor .U-League teams still missing stadia. This is being researched currently .K3 teams have no real players (par a few). Still doing research into this .Some players at clubs irl may not be set as such in game. This is due to names coming out slightly different when translated or having variances of spelling .Players/staff at clubs with Zero PA have been set with blanket values which were based upon the minimums of players with PA set in game who have clubs. This method helps avoid having many National League teams be filld with 0/0 players who are thus useless. .There seems to be cases of free agents with duplicate enteries. These players tend to have no PA set so should cause no issues but I will attempt to clear up the player db (which has accumlated alot of bloat in game DB) .Inclusion of the high school system was scrapped. This is due to the sheer volume of teams (180-ish with only 30 or so in db) and number of competitions that take place. The inclusion imo wouldn't add much to the game. .Many K3 leagues are missing their managers. This is due to lack of information except for a name but teams fill up fast enough as the database has enough free agent managers. .Attendances in the lower levels are still being tweaked
  11. The regional cups can get messy though if a team gets promoted up the leagues and as far as I know it's not possible of giving the option to 'send reserve team' when a certain level is reached. Having them in could lead to a team playing in like 6 or 7 or more cups so I understand him excluding them
  12. One suggestion would be to place the NCL below the North Juniors and have it feed into the NRJFA West Division. The NCL is pretty much an amateur league that is senior by historical anomaly (probably due it housing many HL reserve sides down the years). As for the SOS and EOS I'd argue they are on level with the District Leagues (see Lillyhouse jumping ship to the juniors) in the East and West but ofc reflecting that in a pyramid is kind of a nightmare. One idea might be to have the SOS feed into the Ayrshire district thus be on par with the Central Division 2. The EOS would primarily feed into the East South Region but Burntisland would be a East North Region team under ESJFA boundaries. These are just ideas ofc and I'm aware getting it perfect isn't easy given Scottish non-league football being a fractured state of affairs with numerous grades etc.
  13. I always did wonder why you've been in the FM14 Editor the past few days or so. Nice to see this file back.
  14. As the title implies this expands the Korean pyramid to level 4. Leagues . K-League Classic+ . K-League Challenge+ . Korea National League . K3 League . U-League* . High School League* +these leagues are already in game by default *these leagues are inactive secondary divisions and thus not playable but rather added for depth. Cups . Expanded KFA Cup . National League Cup . National Sports Festival Other changes . General club changes such as updated colors, stadia changes, missing formation years added, attendance figures et al . Full league histories for all clubs in playable leagues . Assigned a PA to everyone in the db without one. This was done using blanket values which have been tested and have no adverse effect on the game. . added extinct competitions such as the KFA cup predecessors and the predecessors to both the k-league and national league . Added/adjusted transfers preferences for a realistic reflection of Korean clubs buying habits (i.e. 3rd rate Brazilians) Known issues . Seoul E-Land are not included. I tried altering the .xml to get them to work but adding them stopped all leagues scheduling games. I know they can be added via the advanced editor but that is a tool beyond me atm. . In reality the K3 league has an inter-group round of fixtures. As this is not possible with the basic editor the teams instead play the teams within their group 3 times. . The national league cup takes place over a week or so all at the same venue. It's not possible to replicate in the basic editor so as a comprimise I've scheduled the competition over a period during the National Leagues mid-season break with the final taking place at the venue where the competition is held irl . The U-League team pool is outdated by a few years but I've been unable to find an up to date list . The High School League team pool is most probably outdated as it seems to be from 2012. I also had no idea of the format exactly so I used a format similar to the U-League. . The National Sports Festival in reality takes place at a neutral venue or within a region/city over a week or so period usually in October. Some teams have to go through qualifying cups (if the region has more than one team). The first is impossible in the basic editor and qualifiers seemed not to work as the competition was only taking the auto qualifiers during testing and ignoring the winners of the qualifying cups. As a compromise I've opted to run the comp at the end of the season with all the teams entering with all games taking place at neutral venues. . U-League teams will sometimes sign players. This is fairly uncommon though and should have no impact on the game. . Some K-League teams will run into financial trouble. I haven't adjusted the K-League finances at all so this is an issue with the default db itself but I will look into a solution . Ansan Police are playing all their matches away despite having a home ground. Again this is an issue with the default db that I have so far found no fix to. Future Plans . Fixes to any issues that come up during the intitial release via feedback/further testing . Kits for the National League teams . Added the University and High School itterations of the National Sports Festival . Add the annual Yonsei-Korea Univesity match Download Here Feeback etc is welcome as this is a BETA version.
  15. IRL they have a team playing this season is the PDL Great Lakes Division so it'd make more sense to have them there