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  1. Pre-Season 2017/2018 League Expectations: Mid-table Media Prediction: 8th (40/1 odds) Domestic Cup Expectations: Reach 3rd Round Other Expectations: Acceptable Squad Harmony Transfers Fixtures Pre-season saw alot of players being released most of whom were youth players on £45 p/w who were never going to amount to anything and were a drain on tight finances. Losing De Vogel however was unwanted but I simply wasn't keeping him when a pro club (Jupiler League) came sniffing. I'm happy with the players I've brought in but seemingly the board isn't as confident as expectations have been lowered slightly from when I got the job. In addition to signings I also tied down first teamers on amateur contracts who had bigger clubs sniffing at them to semi-pro long term deals. Even with only 8 players on proper contracts I'm still nearly to my weekly wage budget (currently about £70 under). Lastly there was the bog standard overhauling of staff as what I was given as fairly awful. In regards to friendlies it was fairly s'meh with only two victories with the highlights being a draw against Dortmund's II team and a respectable result against Feyenoord that saw a bumper crowd bring in welcome revenue. On a positive note the squad has taken well to the tactic I've introduced (see below). Lastly as I forgot to it at the start below are the best 5 players on my books
  2. I put in for jobs across Europe and the MIddle East with clubs from the Netherlands, Israel & Saudi Arabia. After attending half a dozen interviews the first offer I got was FC Lienden (Derde Divisie - 3rd tier of Netherlands) Contract: £400 p/w part time until 30/6/2018 Wage Budget: £1690 p/w (£1064 used) Transfer Budget: £0 League Expectations: Finish in top half Domestic Cup Expectations: Reach the 3rd round Other Criteria: Acceptable squad harmony Honestly surpised I landed this job given the club were amateur champions in 2015 and runner up the following year, then again the club has faltered somewhat as last seasons performance shows. Regardless however I see this as a good first job given the level of the club, moderate expectations & what looks to be solid finances off the pitch. Compeitive football doesnt start till mid-August and the transfer window is already open so I have plenty of time to build a squad. Given the size of the wage budget I'll stick to a mix of semi-pro and amateur contracts with moves in the loan market as well.
  3. Reserved for track record et al.
  4. (mandatory tackiness to start off on the right note) As the title implies this is a journeyman with leagues on all continents except Oceania and Africa loaded. This save has no real specific aims in mind. Alongside club managment international managment is in the frame as all current international players have been loaded. The only set criteria is starting as low as possible with the lowest starting manager stats/attributes. Also worth noting is the game starts in early 2017 and will be holidayed in til around June of the same year to allow teams to fill up their managerial spots (this is due to having non-default leagues where many teams start with no managers). Meet the politiest man in 'soccer' who looks to conquer one sincere sorry and warm welcome at a time.
  5. South Korea (Level 5)

    I opted against this as messing with the K-League messes up things such as players being called up for national service. As for the folded teams outwith the K-League I decided to keep them in for the sake of numbers. FIle has been re-uploaded. See first post for new link.
  6. [South Korea] (Official) Data Issues

    Sergio Paulo Nascimento Filho (UID:19088389) has wrong second nationality set. In game it's set as Sierra Leone but I assume this was meant to be set as Syrian. Second nationality can probably be removed outright as his Syrian passport was found to be bogus. http://english.yonhapnews.co.kr/news/2016/10/19/0200000000AEN20161019004200315.html http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20170601000635
  7. [Hong Kong] (Official) Data Issues

    Issey Maholo (UID:23160026) has the wrong second nationality set. It should be DR Congo (UID:53) not Brazil https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Issey_Maholo http://hk.on.cc/hk/bkn/cnt/sport/20161215/bkn-20161215001728271-1215_00882_001.html
  8. DOWNLOAD HERE This file expands Korea to include it's pyramid below of the National League and both tiers of the K3 League plus the U-League as a secondary division. The file also adds acommpynying cup competions and updates to data (competion histories,transfers etc) & also does some minor updates the North Korea. Comptablity All clubs and competions that needed to be added were done by overwritting existing assets already in the game with no information attached to them so in theory this file should be fully compatible with other files so long as they haven't used these assests (a full list can be given if needed). Recomended Game Setup I'd highly suggest loading Brazil in order to get the full K-League experience of everyone signing 4th rate Brazilians en-masse. For added depth in the region & contintent I'd suggest the Japan file by Foss and also the J-League structure by Classen
  9. [South Korea] (Official) Data Issues

    Seoul E-Land (66034891) are set as semi-pro but should be professional. This is an issue from when the club was in the DB but in a non-playable league. For transfer preferences South Korea should have Brazil (the age range I'm not sure what to set but 20 as a minimum age would be reasonable imo) set to 'most players' as Korean clubs love siging no-mark players purely based on the fact they are Brazilian and Brazilians are by the the most numerous foreigners in K-League history. Further on transfer preferences for region Eastern Europe I'd suggest a median value of 10-12 with a minimum age of 22. This would be fair as Eastern Europeans have long been in abudnace in the K-League. Choi Eun-Taek (5622901) should be removed as he died in 2007 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Choi_Eun-taek Bucheon 1995 are missing their non-league history from the K3. This would be worth adding as clubs who formerly played in the non-league National League have histories associated with their non-league times. It should look like this http://imgur.com/a/YTAIW HongChun Idoo FC (66000521), Namyangju United FC (66010553),& Yongin FC (66010578) should all be set as extinct as they all folded several years ago https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hongcheon_Idu_FC https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Namyangju_United_FC https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yongin_Citizen_FC The rosters for clubs below the K-League are severly outdated. Minus a few players the clubs have the rosters they had in 2012 (this applies to both players and staff). The player database is severly bloated. Their are numerous free agents in the db who haven't had clubs in years (some going back as far as 2004 from what I've observed). Sunghwa College (5704915) should be removed as it was shut down by the government in 2011 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunghwa_College The participants in the U League (136412) is outdated. The database appears to be how the U League was in 2010.
  10. FMUpdates EEE - England, Enhanced, Expanded

    http://www.nonleaguematters.co.uk/forum/gforum.cgi?do=post_attachment;postatt_id=6995;guest=152714446 the propsed changes alluded to.
  11. [Mexico] (Official) Data Issues

    Cuervos JAP FC (51060275) have the the wrong Ensendana set as their city. It should be the Mexican one not the one in Argentina.
  12. Duran Martin (29107230) of Corby Town has the wrong nationality set. It should be Antigua & Baracuda, not Barbados. http://www.nonleaguedaily.com/latest-transfer-news/antiguan-international-midfielder-joins-corby-town.html http://www.national-football-teams.com/player/63547/Duran_Martin.html Ben Chapman (90012130) of Leek Town appears to be an international player for the British Virgin Islands http://www.national-football-teams.com/player/63689/Ben_Chapman.html
  13. [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    Ovays Azizi (27117668) should have his primary and secondary nationality swapped as he is a fully fledged Afghan international http://uk.soccerway.com/players/ovays-azizi/418725/
  14. I haven't tested it myself but in theory it should as I haven't touched anything that file would touch.
  15. First version now available (plus notes). Feedback is welcome and apprecaited.