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  2. Ah ok, now I see why you have problems getting it: In europe aka the FM market, being a football fan, doesn't make you a 'specialized' specimen. Almost every single one of my co-workers, friends and male family members are nuts about football. We love football, we talk about football during lunch breaks, we read the footy section of the newspaper etc etc So being a football fan is a very vulgar (nr 5 http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/vulgar) thing in Europe. So in fact making a football game in Europe Would not be targeting a niche market, because you would include 90% of males part of the targeted audience. So maybe 1% (or 0.001%)in the US = footy fan --> FM = niche product --> very low sales 90% in europe = footy fan ( , ) --> FM aims at very big marketshare --> tops the sales chartsThe problem was/is; you seem to underestimate what football means in Europe You think it is a sport, don't you?
  3. Was that really necessary? Oh well whatever, nevermind than.
  4. Then why did it outsell FIFA11 in the UK?
  5. Hey, SI are never going to sell big in the US and Asia. No problem for them. Europe is their market. Why would they care? They tried to penetrate the US market with OOTP; I think that didn't go to well. just ask a European guy who babe ruth was. 'A swimsuit model?' I agree; FM is niche in Asia and US But it aint niche in Europe. That's the 0.0003% males that weren't watching football. They were playing that game to escape the 99.9997% others. Playing shooters during the WC...Oh, the humanity
  6. What competition? CM you mean? of FIFA? You could say: My argument "FM tops the charts hence no niche game" is a proof of how good the series has been evolving. So no need for a major overhaul from an economic point of view. i wouldn't mind one, but that's a another story.
  7. Yep! How would you explain that a niche product as FM11, tops the charts with games ad Fallout 3, FIFA11, PES and many other high profile games? I would explain it like this: FM is marketed on TV and national newspapers (commercials and ads). and appeales to almost every male European (sorry Ladies)
  8. Is it possible for a niche product to outsell a "not-niche" product?
  9. How could I have any knowledge of LA demographics? I only know that they call "Football" "Soccer" and "Rugby with sissypadding" "Football". That's about as far as myu knowlegde about LA goes. Oh and Kinght Rider is a life guard, that too. Don't take it all (this game, this thread, this post)too serious; all in good spirit!
  10. Guys; I'm not going to get argumentive about this; If you think that FM is niche, no problem. Nevermind it topping the sales chart for all platforms in 1 of the biggest markets in the EU, it's a nice game appealing to a very small audience. Let's call it niche. And now back on topic!
  11. "Footie fans only" So that's 99% of your male population. Oh wait "Los Angeles"... Yup, it's a niche game...
  12. Are you from the US? http://www.pcgamer.com/2010/09/20/preview-why-football-manager-2011-will-score-big/ http://www.pcgamer.com/2010/10/28/10-essential-football-manager-2010-mods/ http://www.pcgamer.com/2010/08/16/miles-jacobson-on-football-manager-2011/ http://www.pcgamer.com/2011/01/01/football-manager-dev-awarded-o-b-e-by-the-queen/ You make these guys look like some indy geeks selling DVD's out of a garage...
  13. I have a limited knowledgde of the industry; true. I only play the FM series, some hardcore wargames with 500+ pages manuals(a la War in the East) and EU3... Yes, I'm a nerd, guilty as charged Still, You'll have to admit that FM is no niche game and that every conclusion/strategy derived from that assumption is false.
  14. Bioware? Never heard of them. What niche are they in? Let's google them: never played those game, but have heard of the games. In a way Microsoft is also selling in a niche. If you consider that the galaxy is the market.
  15. Hey, I'm just pointing out that FM is def not a "niche game" (anymore). Off course, it's not the best selling game in the world, but it was the best selling in the UK (Still one of the biggest EU markets. ) at some point. So far from a niche game.