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  1. .True: and I do that. I was just saying; SI pay these guys so they can make an official manual of some sort and proivide this book with FM12. Let's have all this knowledge that is now spread out over 1000's of forum posts and mould it into a FM syllabus. I can see where you are coming from. Similar experiences here... But I feel I'm still behind the curve myself
  2. I see your point. However: 1. For me it's not a matter of easy vs. hard. It's a matter of logical thought and processes vs. random results. The growing gap between game options/content and instruction/presentation,has resulted (for a large part of the players) in either lucky results and the illusion of being a FM-mastermind (The "I found a massive tactic' poster) or unlucky and seemingly inconsistent results and the frustration of being a total FM-noob (The 'This game is bugged worse than...' poster. 2. I don't need/want a manual a la 'Do this, click that, change here and alter there and you'll win the CL with Dover in 5 years time' I want a clear overview of what is possible and a better understanding of basis game mechanics and parameter interaction. Don't know if that's possible, but at least they should give it a try; everthing will be better than the "manual" we have now. I agree and disagree I agree that playing FM the trial and error method can be very rewarding and is in fact realistic. However; FM is not my day time job (I wish...) I personally don't have the time to start expirimental saves to see the effects of a training schedule of a 17yo Striker and then do this for every age range, position. And then also take into account the morale of the player in a new experiment. Don't get me wrong; I love reading the stuff Sfraser posts. Very much so. But I don't have the time (kids, wives, dogs) to do this kind of zealous gaming myself. FM has become so time-intensive that it feels like work when you don't have a proper manual. I don't want to speedgame a season each night, but I also don't want to feel as doing a postdoc on football management in my spare time. There has to be a middle ground here, no?
  3. This sums it up: playing FM11 demands more sophistication compared to playing CM3. Please explain me why the manual from CM3 actually was better then the FM11 pamphlet... Playing FM11 sometimes feels like landing a space shuttle using a 18th century steam engine instruction book. "Hmm, good landing. Was I lucky or am I getting the hang of this?" CRASSHHHHHH "Ok, Luck it was" Miles: Just give Sfraser a big cheque and have him write the FM12 manual; I would actually pay more money for that book than I would pay for FM12.
  4. What would be a realistic DFK conversion according to you? 1 out of 20 seems right to me
  5. Thanks Ishu; really appreciate what you guys are doing in this thread; class support and advise Cheers.
  6. I have: Pentium® D CPU 3.00GHZ 2GB ATI Radeon X1650 256MB DDR3 Windows XP What can I expect on FM11?
  7. 'uij' is a combination that only occurs in surnames and it is pronounced as if there was only 'ui'. The same goes for 'uy'. For many names with an 'ui', all three forms exist: Kuit/Kuijt/Kuyt Same thing for ei: eij = ey = ei. But remember that this only happens in names. So Kuijte is pronounced as Dirk Kuyt and adding an "uh"
  8. I think you are missing the point that the attributes are Fm's way of showing us the data a manager/scout/spectator can deduct from watching a player play. If Lukaku has 17 for strength, that's not something that shouldl be "hidden" for someone who has seen this player in action. If you have seen this player in action, it's perfectly realistic for FM to say 'Ok, this guy is stronger than most other players, we'll quantify his strength as 17/20". It's not like the manager of Anderlecht had to test Lukaku for several games to see if he is strong; just have a look at the kid (And he's only 16...) So the (visible) attributes are nothing more than what you can 'see' in real life. Speed + acceleration attributes are visible and empirical data in the real world for any player out there. I don't get it why you would leave that information out of the game. Your suggestion would mean that I would have to test a player in a match to see if he's slow or pacey. It just Doesn't seem right. In short; the stats aren't abstract things, they are the FM-translation of real world perception. That said; thinking out of the box is the only way forward for the development of this great game. And that alone is reason enough for this discussion!
  9. Hey Marek, shouldn't you have posted: Things you know you have taken too far when playing FM using chinese doublenicks on the FM-forum.
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