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  1. Do you know the code I would have to use for it to possibly load by league? I have tried retain players, retain division players and retain league players in the same format as in the OP with a normal league ('blue square south' and none of them worked.
  2. Is it possible to make a ddt file to load all players from a certain league? And would this work for leagues that are added by xml or dbc files?
  3. Was it really the best idea to put Sol 'Judas' Campbell at Tottenham? Not only is he from the wrong era, he betrayed us to join Arsenal on a bosman after previously being Tottenham captain and is as far from a legend as you can get at Spurs.
  4. Yep, I am on the 10.3 patch. As for the pictures, there is a chance that I have missed some because I would have never seen most of these player being only 15, but I checked a few against Wikipedia and it seems okay.
  5. With 10.3, do crashes occur with any play bar Redknapp and Salinas? If not, I would quite happily delete them and not use pictures to play on patch 10.3.
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