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  1. example, "We should advise our players to play a short passing game [✔]" ➝ issue instruction "Pass to feet" automatically. OR make it a hyperlink. "We should advise our players to play a short passing game" CLICK➝ issue instruction "Pass to feet" automatically.
  2. (didn't see any categories where this would fit in, so feel free to move it if it is misplaced) I think SI should set up a newsletter thing for when FM12 news start popping up, and for announcing public alpha/beta/whatever-tests. that would make information regarding the next release easier to not only obtain but also organise and store. any chance of this happening? podcasts, news & test announcements directly to my mail client - yes, please!
  3. if you look at his/her nickname, style of writing (English), use of emoticons, etc - I reckon s/he's Russian, and just think your translation is horrible or that it looks awkward, and s/he wants an English interface. just like I can't *stand* playing the game in Norwegian.
  4. whenever I'm alternating home and away, the assistant manager feedback moves to the upper left corner, or just slightly up from its original position. (I have it down to the right.)
  5. I just don't hang around the forums as much pre-launch. I'm mostly here right after launch to report bugs. pre-launch I'm probably playing a relatively bug-free version of FM n-1. :-P so if you want bug reports, le me know that you have a game coming!
  6. Steve, could you mass e-mail the forum members each time the betas open? I never remember them. :-( by the way I would encourage both alpha and beta tests, if you have the manpower to handle the feedback. the alpha could be restricted to the people who actually submitted feedback on the previous beta (and thus are deemed trustworthy), so that you avoid trolls and freeloaders. this is a game that should have as much testing as possible due to the sheer amount of details involved.
  7. LOL. when Steam found the patch, my game crashed and I lost three weeks worth of progress. GREAT. good to see a hotfix for those widgets though.
  8. hey, when you override the default settings and use the sliders in the "specific instructions" part, will these also override touchline instructions? if I e.g. set defensive line to "push up", will the "drop deep" instruction accomplish nothing? or if I put width to "wide", will shouting for narrow play have no effect? I assume it will, which is too bad.
  9. to the right, you will see the league. your team will be highlighted in bright blue (I am using the dark skin). you should highlight the opponents team in red, to save me the single second I waste on looking for it. :-) also: a speed-slider for the news ticker would be nice. some people read faster than others. :-)
  10. I have this sort of "rule", where I don't put anyone that gets at least a +7 score in my a-team. the score is calculated as follows: 11-15 gives 1p, 16+ gives 2p. obviously I will not follow this "rule" always, but as a general outline I use it. it works ok. I am wondering though, what do you think is a "good player" on level x? and how much difference do you think there is between what constitutes a good player on level x as opposed to level y? how much better is a "good" BSP player, compared to a "good" BSN. I'm thinking about this in case I get promoted (fingers crossed), as I am wondering what will now be considered deadwood, and what new signings should I make. in essence: where to draw the limit?
  11. I think mine are at least trying, haha. you could try putting on more aggressive tackling and more pressing closing down policies. but the wingers definitely do seem to get around my backs a tad too easily... and I have never witnessed a non-corner related block, haha. but the biggest annoyance to me is the way a cross = a goal. there is just no way the centre backs get a foot in first. *never*. but using full backs, and three ball winners playing in the centre midfield, the opposing team thankfully don't get that far one tenth as often as they did when I had wing backs.
  12. LOL. I'm using ball winners on cml and cmr. I couldn't imagine using AMs. I would probably lose hard.
  13. I lost the wide midfielders (wingers, actually). they didn't benefit my game at all. so now I have 442 with three central ball winners, and one advanced playmaker. the full backs are on auto, and I occasionally employ "drop deeper". it's working fine thus far. am using "very rigid" and "stick to position", so if you see your backs on the wrong side of the wingers a lot of the time, consider doing this.
  14. I usually have about 60% possession. I *rule* possession. but probably not in the wide areas... anyway - I've arranged full backs, one stopper and one coverer. so far I've only played one game with this new set-up, but guess what? I had *no* crosses against me, and just played my first game without conceding any goals. :-) I'll report back when I've played a few more games. edit: I'm also trying a few games without the diamond, with a flat midfield. :-)
  15. I can try full backs, I guess. but I don't have any wide midfielders. I employ a 442 formation with a diamond midfield. (one defensive midfielders, two ball winners and an attacking midfielder), so that's the reason I use wing backs. as for two stoppers, well... that's just because the defenders I have are more apt at being stoppers than anything else. but yeah, I should probably set one to cover. thanks for the input!