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  1. Saved game won't load for me either (FMT) Match 3d: crash (Ati radeon HD 5800) Merci
  2. D"accord, merci.
  3. Bonsoir, Le rapport d'équipe est en anglais.
  4. Yes, seems buggy. No entry in the stadium....I'm disappointed. ME is excellent !
  5. The game is great but the sound is a shame !
  6. I love FMC and I want to use in-game editor. SI, could you change your mind? Please!!!!!
  7. Great !
  8. Improve sounds is expected and should not be too difficult. Add specific chants to a team is not required. The soundscape in match is very, very, very bad !!!!! Sorry.
  9. FMC: will we choose the number of championships for a country???? For example when I select England I have 7 championships while I only play in the Premier League .... The game really are too slow Thank you very much. Merci les gars.
  10. FMC: we have to select all the championships in a country. This slows the game!
  11. It's OK, great !
  12. Great ! But this does not work, can you explain better?:confused: Thank you very much.
  13. You've done the work that SI should have done, thank you.....
  14. dazeight, Competition and club backgrounds are not visible on your site.... Merci.