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  1. [FM17][SKIN] Football Manager 2017 Base Skins

    Touch base skin ? The weekend ends... Thanks
  2. [French] issues in French Translation

    Dans l'écran "finances" du club en-dessous de budget tranfert, il est écrit budget original. Il faudrait plutôt écrire "budget originel". Je suis sur FMT.
  3. FMT crashes 3d match

    OK with 17.1
  4. FMT crashes 3d match

    Same problem and game is not updating 17.02. Problem already mentioned in another post. 17.03 expected ? Thanks DxDiag.txt FMT 2017 v17.0.1.882467 (2016.10.31 16.19.41).dmp
  5. Same problem, FMT is always 17.01 Please go see this topic in subforum "crash and technical.....": Crashes when I try to start a match in 3D. 2D works just fine. Thanks
  6. the game does not pass 17.02 (update enabled in steam) I deleted then again downloaded the game but no update (always 17.01) I also checked the cache Thanks
  7. Other crash dump file. 2D works fine, 3D just crashes on start up every time. Help would be much appreciated FMT 2017 v17.0.1.882467 (2016.10.27 19.27.04).dmp
  8. I have the same problem (also with very low settings). Only with 17.02 Thank you DxDiag.txt FMT 2017 v17.0.1.882467 (2016.10.27 19.27.04).dmp
  9. [French] issues in French Translation

    D"accord, merci.
  10. [French] issues in French Translation

    Bonsoir, Le rapport d'équipe est en anglais.
  11. Missing early highlights

    Yes, seems buggy. No entry in the stadium....I'm disappointed. ME is excellent !
  12. The game is great but the sound is a shame !