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  1. I love FMC and I want to use in-game editor. SI, could you change your mind? Please!!!!!
  2. Improve sounds is expected and should not be too difficult. Add specific chants to a team is not required. The soundscape in match is very, very, very bad !!!!! Sorry.
  3. FMC: will we choose the number of championships for a country???? For example when I select England I have 7 championships while I only play in the Premier League .... The game really are too slow Thank you very much. Merci les gars.
  4. Great ! But this does not work, can you explain better?:confused: Thank you very much.
  5. You've done the work that SI should have done, thank you.....
  6. dazeight, Competition and club backgrounds are not visible on your site.... Merci.
  7. With "camera director" should change as well be much more frequent, if it chooses it's for the camera very pleasant change. Why not offer "Camera 2 director" with changes in camera automatically give as in reality. I love the camera changes. Thank you.
  8. Can we have details for the Director Cam? This is perhaps the most interesting novelty. Thank you.
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