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  1. After looking more closely, it seems the initial recommendation given is an average of the Scout Report and the Analyst Report (donnarumma is 93 on from the Scout, 52 from the Analyst so 72 on average). Maybe this isnt a bug but rather a feature which is made unclear by the way sorting by the recommendation sorts by the Scout's report (which is hidden in a tooltip) rather than the average (which is displayed on screen) and there being no clear indication as to why.
  2. Summary: When viewing scout recommendation values either in the Scounting Centre or in Player Views the value shown for scouted players is iften different from the value in the actual report. Description of Issue: When either recieving scouting updates via the inbox or scouting centre or view lists of players, the summary value is often not the same as what is on the details report. For example, in the screenshots below, Donnarumma is shown as 73 in the player list but when the report is shown in detail the recemmondation is actually 94. Steps to Reproduce: View scouted players in
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