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  1. I'd like to know that too.How wealthy they are lol
  2. Cant wait for this evening's update. Going to start with Anzhi,gotta give it a shot. Could you guys tell me how are they ? too wealthy like city or more ?
  3. dunno if it was mentioned but Samir Nasri has moved to Man City for 25M pounds. Juan Manuel Mata has moved to Chelsea from valencia.
  4. 32-bit again ? comon thats unfair. Im using 16GB why im not able to use more ram for playing FM
  5. Dunno what you mean,because I have FM running on a 64bit OS,everything seems to be good.
  6. Is Fabregas' transfer done in the latest update ?
  7. playing with R.Madrid at the moment and its a dominating tactic.Offensively and Defensively.
  8. wally excellent job mate. will you release the update this evening ? keep it up
  9. wally,a quick question. - What is the status of Malaga ? did you create the like Man City ?
  10. I guess i didn something wrong but correct me: I downloaded the tactc changed the corner taking to Near Post changed the LS's corner to "attack near post" while my DCR has the same instruction. I still dont manage to score in corners and the entire games looks so massy,i mean the team can't connect a few passes without losing the ball. playing with milan btw
  11. Does this tactic any good for the FM11 version ?
  12. great work on the Brasilian league mate, cheers.
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