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  1. When more news of the FM21 will arrive? Wasn't it said that more information will be given at the beginning of October?
  2. 5,040 hours on FM19 3,911 hours on FM18 1,624 hours on FM17 2,330 hours on FM16 1,735 hours on FM15 2.802 hours on FM14 2,031 hours on FM13 4,644 hours on FM12
  3. If your players couldn't score how did you end up 2nd
  4. In my humble opinion, Juninho should definitely be part of Lyon squad. One of the best Lyon player's and one of the top free kick takers in history.
  5. Will try to take the FM18 to be my first at total game hours (need to beat 18,000 hours)
  6. maybe they need all to exit at the same time to make it available to everyone else
  7. I guess i didn something wrong but correct me: I downloaded the tactc changed the corner taking to Near Post changed the LS's corner to "attack near post" while my DCR has the same instruction. I still dont manage to score in corners and the entire games looks so massy,i mean the team can't connect a few passes without losing the ball. playing with milan btw
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