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  1. You could always send him a PM. Just search him on here.
  2. I don't believe that the last update has changed anything.
  3. Great news! can't wait to play it.
  4. Cant see it on my steam :o
  5. Is there any update on the new features? Or atleast a date when it will be published?
  6. I wonder if we can get a better price than the 20% off through steam.
  7. How Old Are You?

    28, been playing since FM05
  8. I hope FM17 will be on x64 machine as a lot of players will be able to play on a stronger machines and run the game better. Have to say that after after 8-9 seasons, the game is a bit slowly and it is annoying.
  9. Just out of curiosity - what's wrong with the injury system? Not only the amount of injuries is insane, even the length of the injury is far too high.
  10. FM16 - best prices

    looks like the code doesn't work anymore.
  11. FM16 - best prices

    Is there any better deal?