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  1. Been waiting to see the Real Madrid squad. I am so excited to see this roster. Really nice to get remember of all these legends. I hope you made Roberto Carlos a one hell of a free-kick taker
  2. You guys convinced me he should be at Man United. I guess Real Madrid will have enough good players.
  3. I think Cristiano's best career moments are for Real Madrid so he should be there
  4. With your awesome work, I am sure everyday of waiting is worth it. Well done, cheers mate.
  5. Tried to play with norwitch with this tactic but somehow i kinda fail with it. 3 loses in 5 games
  6. Great. Deleted the skin and it worked. Now I am scared to try the skin again.
  7. Cleared the cache and re-installed the game and still nothing. I see the opening logos of the game but then nothing - all black.
  8. ah thats great. after loading the skin, the entire game went to black. I tried to delete the skin and when i enter the game its still a black screen. now the game is screwed up.
  9. I dont know why, but when I extract the folder to the specific destination, i can't see it in the game and therefor cannot choose it. what am I doing wrong?
  10. Looking forward to it. Gonna be the best thing ever.
  11. The skin is just a legend. One of the best ever in the FM franchise. Looking forward to the release.
  12. I did. It said the recommended CA is 180, and I have changed the Current CA to 180. But the skills still drop.
  13. I have some issue with the editing outcome. I started with AC Milan and took some U18 player to build myself. I have put the desired attributes, but after a few game days, the attributes decreases. why is that and what can be done?
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