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  1. Fenech - That's not nice to tease people. The punishment is releasing the update asap
  2. Vinnie Jones looks great. a really nice addon. I would make him 100 aggression And Inter looks a very good team indeed.
  3. Wimbledon will need a lot of luck at the premier league, thats for sure
  4. Fenech, your work is outstanding. The only left thing is to admire your work and wish this project out as soon as possible (like now maybe? )
  5. Absolutely great. I would even make him faster as he was known to be one hell of a sprinter
  6. You definitely right mate. I hope you created this fella the legend he was in Arsenal
  7. I am not an Arsenal fan, but Thierry Henry was one of my fav players. Such a soul to this player. Fast, quick and a great player!
  8. The Media also said that Real Madrid/Barcelona will win the title this year but they were wrong. the same as here
  9. Mhm, all I saw about Barcelona was: It is the second most valuable sports team on the globe, worth $3.2 billion, and the world's second-richest football club...
  10. Thats the power of the community - Sticking together on everything makes us stronger
  11. If it's stupid, you can create the whole database as you pleased. The least you can do isn't criticize someone who make something for the community when he doesn't owe you a thing.
  12. You are right mate. It should be where everyone can discuss about a certain topic. it makes the whole thing much more nicer to everyone. By the way, why a player such as Varane is listed in Real Madrid squad? he is definitely a brilliant youngster and he is going to be a top defender, but at the moment, in my opinion, he shouldn't be on a legend DB.
  13. haha np! I know mate. I just expressed my opinion to make this topic more alive
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