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  1. I won the trebel with real madrid with this tactic mate.
  2. could someone please upload the winger tactic for me ?
  3. The best tactic ever. I still didnt try the wing tactic so could anyone give me a link for it since i dont see any wing tactic in the first page ? thanks.
  4. Mr. H,I dont thing the wing play should be better. Right now the tactic is great and i'm really enjyoing,of coruse you can always tweak the tactic better but don't change it.
  5. Right now the tactic is brilliant. has beaten 8-0 Tenerife and a corner cheat will help the fun
  6. by the way,can someone please explain how to put the corner cheat manually in my game with Mr. Hough tactic ?
  7. Hey guys do you think this tactic will work with R. Madrid ?
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