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  1. If I'm not mistaken it is the official song of West Ham which is being sing over over by the charecters in the movie
  2. haha awesome mate! I never watched football related movies and I realy liked this one. After the movie I immediately went on wikipedia to see the rival between WestHam and Millwall(since I'm not English I dont realy understand on that hehe). After reading the hooliganism and watching the movie,I said I must start following this team. Look what the movie did to me hehe
  3. lol we all here waiting for the new tactic. After watching the "Street Hooligans" movie now I'm going to open a new season with West Ham,hehe,got influental from the movie comon Dave,make us happy
  4. The team didnt have much CCC. I will give it a try with West Ham to see if it is any good with a middle club and will report in with results. The chelsea game is realy boring hehe,dont like chelsea
  5. Somehow the tactic is unstable.I'm playing with Chelsea on patch 10.3 first season: Chelsea - Man Utd - 5-1 N - great game and good domination. Chelsea - Stoke - 0-0 H - Dominating the game but no goals. Chelsea - Arsenal - 0-0 A - Again.Dominating the game but no goals. Chelsea - Liverpool - 0-1 H - Dominating the game and beated on the 91th min goal while it was on offside. Unlucky game. Chelsea - Bolton - 0-0 A - Dominating the game but no goals. Chelsea - Aston Villa - 2-2 - Dominating the half time with 2-0 for me but then conceded 2 goals. the tactic has a good domination on the center of the game,not much tackles/fouls but somehow it has a difficulity to score goals. I can feel that this tactic might get better since the goals I conceded were by luck/offside/bad HT talks by me.
  6. going to give a try mate.will keep you up to date.
  7. Trents - http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/194951-Mr-Hough-10.3-Tactics?p=5679500&viewfull=1#post5679500
  8. Looks awesome Mr.Hough,I hope it will be out soon
  9. Maybe I've missed it but have Dave released the new tactic ?
  10. Sounds great Dave,can't wait for the tactic to taste it.
  11. How's it going on with teh tactics Dave ? will we see some new tactics soon ?
  12. Try the latest Mr.Hough & JP Woody tactic. Brilliant for a lot of people here.
  13. Yes,that's what I was thinking hehe.Every season I play with any team,the first thing I do is loading your tactic Dave,and I thought it must be chagned hehe Hope to hear from you about the new formations and how it's going to you. Cheers.
  14. Wow this is weird.The latest tactic that always worked for me(not the 41212)stoped working for me. Now I draw and lose against teams I had to crash them and I'm talking on the beggining of the season and not after some massive amount of games.
  15. I deleted the last save game,but I played with AC Milan.First game against lecce i've beated them 5-1,next game against Brescia they beated me 4-1 at Away game. This is a quite good attacking tactic but i concede each game,I just don't know why. I will give it a shot with a new save game to give a more accurate feedback. The V3 is the latest right ? I'm not missing anything ?
  16. somehow the team is playing well but I concede an avarage of 1 goal per game.
  17. If it can be the best tactic we will wait Dave.
  18. Gaston Fernandez is a free player that has a high quality of scoring. The version "Mr Hough and JP Woody Final" has no problem dave,the problem is on the latest tactic I guess.
  19. For a sec i thought it's a pub.keep the topic guys.
  20. Will be glad to hear how it's going with the new tweaks Mr.Hough.
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