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  1. You will always be a tactical legend Dave and it's be an honour using your tactics. Too bad you won't continue to make any more tactics but your decision is appreciated.
  2. That's some abd news but i'm sure you will crack the AI once again
  3. hehe we all come here to see how's dave is doing and put some pressure to get the tactic faster
  4. I know mate,that's the same I do with my Madris squad.And to add to the disappointment,my madrid squad includes the latest transfers like Ozil,khadira,carvalho and etc
  5. mostly by defenders faults like passing the ball to the opponent on not clearing the ball good - And I'm playing with Real Madrid
  6. I don't know why but the winger tactic isn't working well with Real Madrid. Conceding every game approx. 2 goals and the team doesn't play that good. I think I will just wait for the full version of the tactic since dave said it was a beta
  7. Dave,you are doing great and thank you so much for your contribution to this fantastic community. God bless you. *btw,going to open a new season with Real Madrid
  8. Excellent Dave,been waiting for it for a quite long time as much as other did. Will be waiting for your more detailed explanation about the tactic tomorrow and sure thing will have a play with it. Will keep it up, cheers.
  9. wow that can irretate the hell outta me when it happens.take a deep breath mate.
  10. Excellent job Dave.Will be glad to hear about the tactic and read how you overcome the problems. Cheers.
  11. Looks kinda nice mate,but 21 conceded goal is good or bad in the championship ?
  12. And you are doing a marvellous job Dave.keep it up mate.
  13. Is there a reason why you changed to the wizard dave ? is that better ? Over than that,sounds great and can't wait for it mate. Cheers.
  14. Is there any prediction for the upcoming tactic Dave ?
  15. Yeah,I'd like to see some screenies with the tweak to see how the difference is it in your game.
  16. Your theory is making sense dave,i hope to see some screenie soon.
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