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  1. In a way yes, as Boca have been heavily underachieving in recent seasons, they decided to coax Bianchi back to the club only for us to have a horrific closing stage, but now he has released/ sold something like 20+ players mostly established first team players like Silva, Viatri, Rodriguez, Caruzzo, Somoza, amongst others, and brought loads of younger players in and around the first team. So from that perspective its going to be an interesting challenge.
  2. This is the top end of my budget, but am I right n thinking this one would be more then acceptable to play FM fairly flawlessly? http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/Acer_Aspire_V3-571G_1318329.html
  3. Decided to upgrade my old Vaio which has lasted about 5 years but is on its way out, I'm looking for something that will comfortably play 2-3 leagues on medium-large database. Budget is £500-600max. Ideally I would like something that will last me for as long as possible in terms of playing FM. Won't be playing anything else I wouldn't have thought. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Well I managed to go through to the semi's in the Libertadores but the domestic cup was a step to far. So many injuries and all my players starting games with a condition at the lower end of 80% meant my form dipped dramatically. But on course for the league at least. Surely their must be a problem with the way games are rearranged, causing so many games to come to quickly.
  5. Playing as Boca in the closing stage of the championship whilst still being in the Copa Libertadores and Copa Argentina, and in the month of May from the 1st to the 31st I have at least 12 fixtures to play, probably 3 more if I progress in both cups. Which is potentially 15 gams in a month a Game every other day pretty much, this congestion is decimating my squad as I am pushing my players to the limit physically, and I would love to rotate but I have so many ijuries due to the amount of games I can't. Has anyone else had so many games in that space of time, and how do I best manage it? I fee
  6. 100 hours played Game rating: 7/10 I like FM13, its certainly a step in the right direction, bar perhaps the ME. I got FM13 as many others did on day 1 and it has taken me until late Feb/ early March to really get into a save, I woud say that is mainly down to the ME. It has simply takn me this long and various trial and eror saves to really get to grips with it, and although I am fairly comfortable with it, in the sense that I have a tactic which is winning me things and I like watching most of the time. Player intelligence or lack thereof sort of ruins it a little for me. I see very few s
  7. Argentine league, as any dip in form no matter how brief wil often cost you the title. added to that the challenge of selling and rebuilding squads every couple of years it is very interesting.
  8. I am interested to know if any one has had any success in getting players sent to them on loan when they are a feeder club to an AI controlled parent club. I ask as the club I am managing has a massive club as its parent with the ability to send players to me for experience etc but I have never recieved any player on loan from my parent club. As I often send youth players to my feeder clubs I was wondering if the non-human controlled clubs ever send players out to feeders, or do we as the human player have to bid for payers from the parent club in orer to get the loan?
  9. Am I right in thinking that team blend on the match preperation screen, will end up getting my players more accustomed to my tactic, and thusly make my tactic more effective over time?
  10. I wonder if anyone could help me in constructing a schedule for this lad; Uploaded with ImageShack.us He is a my best player in the youth intake and is rated at 3 1/2 stars so I would like to maximise his potential in a personalised schedule.
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