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  1. A balanced, realistic transfer system. I'm tired of having to bid 43m for some Mexican kid that I found after putting together a good scouting team, it has been particularly prevalent in this years version. Players can stay at a South American club their whole career on pittance because the game doesn't want to sell you them at a realistic price. It's particularly galling when you notice these players will request transfers and try to at least force a move at a decent price only if AI clubs become involved, the amount of times a player has moved to a club at the price I bid on a few weeks after I'm done with my business is stupid.
  2. Another goal scored on me, there is a similar video of poorer quality on the same channel and its almost the exact same. I've seen it happen before too.
  3. anyone else getting a lot of own goals? its sort of where my striker should get the ball but the player running with him ends up deflecting it in or my striker gets it and it goes in off a defender or keeper and it doesn't count as theirs
  4. Except my tactics got my Tranmere team promoted and I was on course for the play-offs pre-patch. This isn't mentioning the amount of times my keepers or the fact I regularly lose 2 or 3 nil now with them getting 0 clear cut chances while I get 2-3. Worst patch ever.
  5. my problem comes from the fact i spent a while perfecting a tactic and now the ME has been flummoxed half way through a season and none of my tactics are nearly as effective.
  6. Freekick from their own half, keeper just stands there and falls over when it bounces over him. Didnt know the FM uploader was such garbage, sorry.
  7. All my tactics have stopped working since new update, strikers struggling. Look at this nonsense from my keeper too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CLwnHVk5IQ
  8. Tranmere season nearly done and won the title quite easily with this tactic, results went a bit pear shaped towards the end of the season as I lost about 3-4 players who were on loan until january and was unable to replace them with quality, so my squad suffered a bit. Impressive result vs Arsenal in the league cup! http://i45.tinypic.com/19mion.png
  9. Any chance someone could upload the exe before the update? I only have a roll back exe dated from the release day. Or would that be frowned upon by SI? Guess I'll just use the release exe for now...
  10. i can't play without facepacks! if i download the current one, will it work?
  11. Every so often, FMRTE seems to slow to a crawl - search is fine etc but the actual list of players and sorting them is slow to unresponsive. Fixed itself last time, but back again.
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