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  1. Just reminded of a few more: 5) Assign squad numbers 6) The restrictions about the players eligibility to play on each competition should apply the same way as in the mainstream mode and I don't think that is happening in FMC?
  2. My biggest grips about FMC are: 1) Unlockables. Hey, I understand that's user choice to apply them but can you give me the ability to disable them completely from the game, please? Every time I see a message about unlocking this and that, it feels like the game is tempting me to cheat. I know FMC is a streamline experience but I still want to be as realistic as possible! 2) An option to hide (some) players attributes as it happens in the mainstream mode. As a manager I want to be forced to scout players to find more about them. If I remember correctly this used to work that way in FMC 2013, hence it's a feature regression. At least give the users an option to enable or disable them from the game. 3) The setup of 3 tactics and the tactics familiarity. This is a regression compared to FMC 2013. Why did you remove such feature that made the game more realistic? 4) The ability to have more control over training and individual training in general, would be welcome. Thanks!
  3. Condition, has effect. I exchange my eleven very often, because of condition. Just the goalkeeper never change. I always manae and strive to have my players at 100% every single match. Usually I use my second team in the less important matches and at home and the first team against good teams and away matches.
  4. I am in 2026 without ever use holidays or instant results. And I do watch every game with Extended Hightlights
  5. FMC. I play a full season in about two days. Tried the main mode but I got bored very quickly.
  6. I finally see direct free kicks being scored, more often as IRL, and not once in a whole season! Some good and logical through balls. Less stupid long shots. Less Messi style runs/goals from my wingers, playmakers and poacher. Overall I think this ME is definitely an improvement. Even though, it seems I still keep winning easily every single match. I think AI should improve in terms of build up their own teams. Right now, at 2025 I notice the majotiry of opposition teams are VERY WEAK. Even the big rivals.
  7. Prior to the patch I had one season with only 1 loss, for the Capital One cup only. Finished the league with 32wins, 6draws. For three straight seasons won all the competitions, just failed the Capital One for two times. After the patch I already tied two games that I usually did not, but I played few matches so far. Let's see how it goes. Hope the patch does not break my tactic that much.
  8. It is the first time that I can remember in FM series that I won Premier League with 102pts, no losses, 6 draws. Won championship and all the cups I was involved (just missed the Capital One) for two straight seasons. Going to the third now and so far, just wins. Can't say the game is too hard for me. However I did not play FM12, so I can't really compare.
  9. Well, I don't think that buy a bad, reasonable or not as good players on purpose, just to make the game "harder" makes much sense. As much as I will never use an Unlockable in FMC, reload a game just because I lost, or use a super magic tactic from other players - buying bad players on purpose just to make the game "harder" would spoil the fun for me. Don't think that is a good option for everyone, to make the game "harder". I think start unemployed, with sunday league experience and manage low level teams are already good options in the game to make it "harder". Still I've found the game easy once I reach a top level team and my reputation goes worldwide - which I don't see, necessarily as a big problem in the game.
  10. I play FMC because I don't have the time and patient to play the full version anymore. I get bored with the repetitive team/press talks, stats depth, etc etc. But I will never use an Unlockable, ever. Unlockables would spoil the fun of the game for me. The difficult level for me, is always start unemployed with Sunday league experience.
  11. I started unemployed, sunday league experience. I had to work hard to land in Arsenal after about 8 seasons. I was fired twice in the first seasons, in low level teams. Now in Arsenal, last season I won the Prem league with 6 draws and 0 losts - 102 points - 30 points ahead from the 2nd. Only lost one game the whole season - against MU in the Capital One. Won all the other cups - CL, FACup, ESCup, WC, Shield. Do you claim this is unrealistic? I like to think the other way around, I am just too good? LOL That said, I don't like the idea of introducing options for difficult level. I would rather that they find a fair balance for everyone.
  12. Don't mean to upset you, but I am getting bored of Winning!
  13. You are just very lucky. I'd to work hard to land in Arsenal at the moment. It seems a bug.
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