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  1. Just reminded of a few more: 5) Assign squad numbers 6) The restrictions about the players eligibility to play on each competition should apply the same way as in the mainstream mode and I don't think that is happening in FMC?
  2. My biggest grips about FMC are: 1) Unlockables. Hey, I understand that's user choice to apply them but can you give me the ability to disable them completely from the game, please? Every time I see a message about unlocking this and that, it feels like the game is tempting me to cheat. I know FMC is a streamline experience but I still want to be as realistic as possible! 2) An option to hide (some) players attributes as it happens in the mainstream mode. As a manager I want to be forced to scout players to find more about them. If I remember correctly this used to work that way in FMC 2013,
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