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  1. What about weight and height not set but as a variable just like in real life. Youngsters that are barely 16 wouldn't normally be over 6 ft already and weigh 185 lbs or 13 stone. I think you should be able to see that they're growing in height (affects jumping if there's also an increase in agility and strength) and weight (which would be affected by strength and affect balance on its turn). Probably very complicated to implement but it's definately more realistic.
  2. Do I understand from what you're saying that in some ways you'd still like Gillingham to stay a bit like Gillingham? That everything just comes a little more difficult for you than when you're managing Man Utd for example? By the way, I think you're going to get the same problem with Bayern. You're probably going to scout many terrific youngsters from all over the world (even from England, Italy, Spain, France and The Netherlands), have them win everything in their U18 league and be in the same position as you were with Gillingham. Or is it going to be a bit harder for you being Bayern Munich? I agree with you. Your idea sounds like it'll make the game a little more challenging.
  3. I really don't think so. I'm not saying that you shouldn't be allowed to look into less-traditional regions and countries but only that it would be harder to get talent from that region if they don't speak the same language as the country where your club is located OR because they don't see the benefit of joining your club because of the overall standard of the youth system in the country. BUT you can always try to sign them and then you may have one individual that breaks all the rules and that's called chance. You'll always have the odd one out. That's probably because the Norwegian youth system isn't of such a high standard combined with the league not being of such a high standard either. Look at it as if it were steps of a staircase. Norway is a step below Holland and Holland a step below England except when it comes to the youth system (ask Steve McLaren ***). Youth from Norway would love to come to either England or Holland. England because of the Premier League and Holland because of the reputation of the youth system, the attacking football, the reasonable level of the league and the opportunities it gives to young players to make their mark. In all honesty, I believe that if a Norwegian player would have the choice he'd rather go to Holland but if he has bad advisors (agents) telling him to go for the money, then he'd probably go to England. ***Steve McLaren about the youth system: http://www.espn.co.uk/football/sport/story/73598.html
  4. I would like a better way of evaluating staff who applied for my job openings. I have no idea if they also have some potential left to improve themselves etcetera. Will they get any better by time? Maybe some sort of mouth-to-mouth reputation may come in handy. Then you could rely on your backroom staff and although they make suggestions for staff, they don't exactly point you to talented backroom staff who have a lot of potential. You never know who you'll get. Can this get improved?
  5. Sure you can look where you like but you won't find many English youth players in Spanish clubs for example. The really big clubs are perhaps the exception but for the most part you won't see youth players from for example The Netherlands (Holland) get their education at let's say Everton or at German clubs. Simply because the Dutch system already is very good. It's the same for Spanish youth players but a little different for French players (particularly because of Arsène Wenger's Arsenal). There's a sort of tradition that I think should also be in the game because it makes it more believable.
  6. I have been noticing that it is way too easy to get young players from countries where there's a good level of the youth system. I find it very unrealistic to have youth players from The Netherlands go to England or Spain (and viceversa) or, God forbid, Scandinavia or Australia (not viceversa) when you may have a good youth system but the league cannot compare itself to the one from his home nation. I'm not saying it never happends but it should be far more difficult because it doesn't happen that often IRL. Parents would be against it for example and culture and tradition make it unlikely. Not to mention the scouting network that exists in these countries because they would soon know about a talented player and pick him up for their youth system. Basically, I'm saying that youth players from high profile countries (which are also the wealthiest nations economically) with a reputation of a good youth system wouldn't often choose to go to another country and this, I think, should also be represented in FM. You can get otherwise a wacky composition of the youth system and it should be much more traditional in the sense of scouting. It should be more traditional in the sense of scouting when also looking for young talent over the borders. Spanish teams would prefer to look in Latin America (exceptions are Barcelona and Real Madrid) whereas Dutch clubs would search in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa most of the time. I hope you get the idea. Let me know what you think. (I have posted this idea already in the wishlist.)
  7. I would also like to point something out when it comes to tendencies in where clubs get there players from. Things seem to be changing somewhat but you can't deny that most of the things will always remain the same. When it comes to scouting a player and bringing him to the club, not many players from the UK would go to the Primera División. There are notable exceptions but that's all what they really are. Spanish clubs wouldn't scout very often for UK talent. Besides that the UK has a poor reputation when it comes to youth development. Not so Spain or The Netherlands (Holland for some of you). Dutch league clubs have a tendency to scout in Scandinavia (primarily Sweden and Denmark) and bring players from there. Dutch youth players would mainly choose to stay in The Netherlands because of the youth development, although there are some that choose to go to a Premier League club because they believe they are superhot prospects (and eventually fail: Patrick van Aanholt and Quincy Owusu-Abeyie). I would like these tendencies to be represented in the game because they are about how clubs choose to scout and look for new talent and replacements for players who are leaving. It has to do with money because the expect players from these countries to be cheaper and it has to do with what players think of their future and consider what would benefit them most (or what would pay them the most if they're cocky and arrogant youngsters).** **Maybe it should also be implemented in the game that there are players who are all in it for the bling-bling, money and lifestyle as a personality trait that affects what they ask for in contract negotiations.
  8. I have something similar: Why not be able to play with the stars from the past, transfer and play them etc.? I'd love to see a FM edition that includes a database with the players and clubs from the 50s to the 90s. And scenarios based on the history. Can-you-change-history scenarios (these must obviously be challenging and more likely to fail than to succeed) or repeat-history scenarios. Akin to the Out of The Park baseball management simulation game. Continuing with scenarios. there are some very interesting scenarios that currently already exist. For example bringing back River Plate from the Nacional B to the Primera División or bring back Deportivo La Coruña to its former glory.
  9. I think this would take the core out of FM which is about scouting and buying players and putting them in the squad.
  10. I'd like to have an evaluation system for your coaches and other staff. You've got scouts for players and you can evaluate them through their reports. Why am I always left in the dark when I hire someone for my staff? EDIT: I actually mean to say that you can see the potential of that coach. I do see coaches have their ratings increased but I never know what their limit is or I need to see that in FMScout. Maybe it could be done like this: on the basis of your own CA the computer evaluates coaches and other staff. So, the better you do as a manager, the better your coaches will be and their potential. Also, I'd like to have my own agent who can spot possible job opportunities for me. It's quite a hassle going through all of these job adverts when you're unemployed.
  11. This is a BIG issue that needs to be addressed quickly: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/291614-Changing-pitch-situation-after-looking-into-players-profiles-and-tactics-screen. I can't believe this issue is even in this game and hasn't been touched for at least a year!!!
  12. Freddie Ljungberg not in the game?

    When is SI getting a license for Japan again?
  13. Holland certainly doesn't get much love in your game. I believe I counted only five World Cups and maybe two European Championships. The Eredivisie also rates below smaller countries in reputation/population/economy.