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  1. When negotiating an extension with a player who demands X amount of money, it seems that if the board limits the salary to something less than X, I'm unable to modify the salary amount at all. It's stuck at the exact maximum amount the board is willing to pay.
  2. In the previous patches the season started with the World Cup in September, but with the current version there wasn't any. Is this WAD?
  3. Would be great if we had the option to manually set line matching, ie. a pull-down menu for each line "Match with opposing line X". Currently the pre-set options don't enable all different combinations.
  4. The game database enables players to have a random PA which differs from each save, so I was wondering if it's possible that a player with a random PA gets a value below his CA at startup?
  5. Currently when your player is criticized by the media you do get a chance to respond. You can either defend him, agree with the critique or stay silent.
  6. With the new patch my team keeps icing 1 forward and 2 defencemen in OT despite me choosing the "2 forwards" option. Opposing teams seem to be using 2 defenders too.
  7. That's unfortunate, but thanks for the speedy response!
  8. I would like to know if SI (Riz) plans to add the impending NHL expansion to the current game? Could you at the very least tell us if it'll be added in the next patch? I'd like to start a new game, but if Vegas gets added soon(ish) I'd rather wait for it.
  9. Please make it so that new signings in the NHL won't arrive before the start of July. Currently if one has had a decent amount of draft picks the arrival of new prospects during June really messes up the roster due to the limit of 50 contracts. I've been repeatedly forced to waive numerous players and also buy out contracts.
  10. I highly recommend that before starting you download the unfaked rosters from The Blue Line: http://www.ehmtheblueline.com/forums/portal.php
  11. So disappointing to hear. Probably the game didn't sell well enough then.
  12. I've now had two summers with the current patch, and it seems to me that the free agent market is pretty dry compared to real life. Most of the big name pending UFAs end up extending with their current teams, which leads to a quiet summer. During the first season players like Ladd, Backes, Eriksson and Okposo all ended up extending their deals.
  13. I would like the willingness of Russian players (and generally players in the KHL) to move to the NHL increased. Currently it seems close to impossible to make signings like Chicago did last year with Panarin and Tikhonov.
  14. And how often these days do we see big name players being traded IRL? Besides, often the AI teams do give away really big names already.
  15. After the first season both Anze Kopitar and Steven Stamkos hit the market as UFAs. Another issue is that Stamkos even entered the market, as currently in the Blueline rosters there's something wrong and he's set to become a RFA, so Tampa for some odd reason didn't even qualify him. Nevertheless, I entered into negotiations with both, and their initial ask was over 10m. No AI teams were interested in either of them, which seems really odd. Over 10m $ is indeed a lot, but imagine this happening in real life. There would be a lot of teams lining up to sign Kopitar or Stamkos, and if needed, they would clear salary to be able to accommodate them! So in the end both remained available well into August, by which point I signed both of them into 7,9m $ contracts. Then came next summer, and amongst others Jamie Benn and Alexander Steen were available as UFAs. Again, no AI interest in either. Benn was asking a lot, but eventually on 7th August he signed with me for 7,78m $. It's now the 2nd of September, and Steen is still unsigned. It seems to me that the players mentioned should be targeted by a lot of teams, despite their high salary demands. I'm using the current patch.