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  1. Very disappointing that the problem seems to persist. It's definitely not game-breaking, but at least to me hurts immersion badly.
  2. Has anyone finished a full season yet? I was wondering what amount of goals the top goalscorers finish with in the new version. One thing that annoys me in FM 19 is that usually the top scorers seem to finish with only ~18-22 league goals.
  3. I've played through five seasons managing Juventus, and during the summer after the fifth season noticed that suddenly Napoli had transfer listed and/or listed for loan pretty much it's full first team. Ok, that's weird, I thought. Napoli's information tab stated that their financial status was insecure, and indeed it is: through the editor I saw that their balance was about -190m euros (IIRC)! They had just purchased three players, all of whom I think they had already on loan. I'm not sure if they had mandatory or voluntary buy options for the loanees, but for Depay alone they paid a whopping 90m euros. So that's already a very stupid move by the AI to spend well over its means, but so far it has really failed in its attempt to fix the situation. Wouldn't the wisest course of action be to sell enough players to cover the deficit and to get rid of their wages? Surely one wouldn't (and shouldn't!) get the best possible prices for the players being sold, but still, to me that seems like the best option. Instead the AI has so far sold one player, and the other moves have been to loan first team players out. Ok, that at least gets their wages off the books, right? No. The loan deals Napoli has done have left them with the obligation to cover about 90% (!!) of the loanees' wages! So the AI isn't helping it's dire financial situation at all and instead is just destroying it's squad completely for no gain. Gonna be interesting to see what remains of the squad once the season starts and what their final position will be.
  4. Have your news after the completion of the course ever actually said that it was useful or impactful? After multiple seasons and surely well over ten courses for many different players the only feedback after completion that I've seen has been "gained little from it" or something like that, and no visible increase of the leadership attribute.
  5. I'm very inclined to believe this too, as the assistant manager that I started with offered quite a lot of advice but after some seasons got poached by another club and when choosing the replacement I didn't pay much attention to his tactical knowledge. Now the new one offers far less input.
  6. The poll is a bit confusing as basically the question is do you do a or b and then the options are simply yes and no
  7. Wasn't there speculation in real life this season that Chicago wanted to bring in Maxim Shalunov already this Spring but wasn't able to as his current KHL team refused to release him from his contract which is set to expire at the end of April?
  8. Awesome, I haven't downloaded the latest rosters yet.
  9. Even though the logic behind giving awards seems weird at times it would be nice to have awards in the World Juniors.
  10. Do correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that what I described in the title shouldn't be possible. I had drafted a Russian player who was playing the KHL with a three (IIRC) year contract, and offered him an NHL contract in January to ensure that he would join me after his Russian contract expires. To my surprise he joined my team in the middle of the season after accepting my offer, abandoning his KHL team.
  11. You are above the salary cap, thus making the AI waive players to get you cap compliant.
  12. One of my rotation players got a massive wage increase from arbitration, and I refused to accept it, thus releasing him. But this caused my team a salary cap penalty. Is this really the way it works in real life? I guess technically I did release the player, but I never signed the contract with him in the first place.
  13. When negotiating an extension with a player who demands X amount of money, it seems that if the board limits the salary to something less than X, I'm unable to modify the salary amount at all. It's stuck at the exact maximum amount the board is willing to pay.
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