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  1. Sneijder is quite well scouted, only thing I think should be upped is off the ball, 15-16 would be perfect. Robben is a gem of a winger, and is absolutely spot-on in FM. ..And whoever said that Rooney is underrated, explain how. He's absolutely devastating in attack, and he's only 24. If my opinion was asked, which it is not, I'd say that some of the veteran centre backs are a little too weak, physical-wise. And the physical stats come down faster than the speed of light. But that is more of a game-mechanics problem.
  2. Right now it looks like my break is already on, as I've had so much trouble motivating to play. I've started three new saves, but to no avail, I just abandon them after four months game time. I'm hoping FM11 to be the spark the passion again. DLR could be the spice for that. Will probably just play something like Civilization, or read books until the FM11 demo comes out.
  3. Steam fm 11

    No news about it being a Steamworks game? ...Probably will be. EDIT: I just realized that FM10 wasn't Steamworks, I confused it with Civ 5. Just ignore this whole post. I'm a fool.
  4. That's not what I meant. Let's say you can upload at 100kb/s, it could take 15-20 minutes to save the game. That's rather much.
  5. Real Sociedad 2-1 Rayo Barely scraped a win at extra time.
  6. I think the saves are rather big for Steam Cloud. I think the game I have that use cloud store a few hundred kb's, but FM saves are tens of megabytes, each. The saving time would take a very long time, considering that bigger upload rates have not yet spread to every household.
  7. Hidden Attribute

    I had this funny thing when managing AC Milan. Just another Serie A match, 50 or so minutes gone in 0-0, and I get a nice opening for my striker. He has just ran past the last defender, and a couple of more steps would take him to a great position to shoot. He runs, is ready to bang the ball in the net and... ...and he smashes the ball to the touchline for a throw, because there is an opposition player injured on the field. When this happened, the emotion I had was the closest referred to as "silent scream". I was sure that the injured player had an emergency, a leg broke or neck injury, but no. He spends less than a minute in the touchline and gets back with a loss of about 15 condition points. I don't remember if the match ended 0-0, but I REALLY had to take a break after the match.
  8. Your First 11 [spoilers]

    AC Milan, CL finalists 2013/2014 GK: Rene Adler DR: Daniel Schwaab DC: Ismael Gonzalez Garcia (regen) DC: Felipe DL: Domenico Criscito DMC: Samir Jaziri (regen) MC: Toni Kroos MC: Claudio Marchisio AMC: Yoann Gourcuff ST: Edin Dzeko ST: Pato Subs: Michelangelo Albertazzi, Davide Astori, Moussa Sissoko, Andrea Pirlo, Ugo Simari (AMC, regen), Alberto Paloschi, Giacomo Beretta I played the save for about two and a half seasons in normally, and the wanted to turn the squad more Italian. Fans were at the brink of a heart attack when I signed Marchisio and Criscito from Juve, but how am I supposed to sign Italians when 13 Serie A teams are my rivals? But yeah, haven't really managed to strike gold in CL, one time in final, and usually end up facing Man Utd or Barca on Quarter Finals. But I have won Serie A four years in a row.
  9. Licence Key

    What game downloader are you talking about? I know that Steam shows you the CD key, but it hasn't asked it from me..
  10. Gutting CL Final :(

    Yeah, but I had already lost my two goal lead before extra time. So the penalties just added insult to injury.
  11. FM10 : Official Should I Buy/Sell Thread

    Buying/Selling: Buying Player name: Wayne Rooney Your Team: Chelsea Buyer/Seller: Manchester United Player's Value: £14,500 000 Offer: £42 million TransferBudget: £56 million Patch: 10.3 Season: 2013/14 Okay, so after two years of haggling, I have managed to get an offer accepted for Rooney. I've been completely obsessed with the guy lately, so this is kind of dream come true. But now that the offer is accepted and I offered Rooney a contract, I'm having doubts. I mean, I do have quality strikers already. Pato, Dzeko, Andrej Kramaric and two young prospects just waiting to bang goals. So, please tell me, is 27 years old Rooney worth that much for a team he'll probably not even be a magnificent superstar?
  12. Gutting CL Final :(

    Me? No. Why do you ask?
  13. Gutting CL Final :(

    Yeah, tell me about gutting CL final.. And yes, I'm Chelsea. EDIT: Put thumbnail instead of the picture, as the picture was so big. Sorry for the inconvinience.
  14. He's one of the best CMs in the game. What more could you possibly want?
  15. I haven't had huge trouble with injuries, maybe a little annoyed by the players condition dropping so dramatically. What bugs me most is the infamous CCC problem. It's just so terrible to watch. I tell you, I would be happy with 10.3 if they just took the CCC counter away.