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  1. I like a FMC in- game editor idea. I'd buy it in the store. Please add this feature al so in iPad version.
  2. For tablet version in 2016 version i hope find 2 little things: - in-game editor - if it's not possibile add custom logos please insert old generic logos o new with and kit color shape. I hate new logos for no licensed team.
  3. I reparti my suggestiva for FMH 2016 Add kits in menù. i would you like more colours. A botton for choose a random team for start of carrer. More tactics option. New skin like FMC is not so Bad.
  4. Please update for some kits becouse colors are wrong. For example Avellino in italian' serie B. Home kit isn't blue but green and white. Away and third kits are wrong too
  5. After FMC release what about tecnichal limitation?
  6. Why not? Device like ipad and Android can support external file like FmH. Please add this feature in future
  7. I want customize logos feature like pc and FMH version. Is IT possile insert them in FMC 2015 iOS system?
  8. Great job SI. I can continue MY carrer now. Thanks!!!
  9. Ok beautiful feature but i'd like if this could be choise by users.
  10. Do you fixed this issue? I hope your test should be positive. Becouse i can't play my carrer with freeze. I play slow and extended mode for 2D match.
  11. No Sound in the match. Never FMH get IT in its history. This is no a bug. I hope in the future we will get sound in the match.
  12. Frame rate in highlights slow mode is terrible. Before update frame rate was ok.
  13. mmm slow match highlight is too fast on my Ipad Air. It's not floyd. why?
  14. please insert kits graphics like pc version. it's more beauty to play with more graphics. only generic kits are ok
  15. I don't talk about bugs but about length of matches and its details. I would you like a good ME but complete as it is now. Extended match view is perfect for me. As i told in my post, i hope that all bugs will be solved asap but on my iPad Air and iPhone 4 the game run so good
  16. I agree 100% Don't touch match engine.... Or add others Faster mode for these users. This game is perfect for me.
  17. As i said you yesterday, i'm agree HMFM. I don't know about criticism and i can not tell nothing about it. I think that a complete estendend highlights is really good for old pc game like me that i can to play never PC version. If i could suggest one thing, i should delete all commentary (no 2D) when i use extended highlights mode. There are two kind of match engine in this game, please don't delete this fantastic match engine, but fix bugs. Thanks SI. You stolen my social life
  18. I like this match engine! And i like a long match on my device.
  19. Please, delete commentary in BASIC mode during 2D. Please, let us all time in the pitch. I lose several goal becouse 2D mode come backs in BASIC mode commentary. If i would you like only comments i could put this mode, but if would watch match only in 2D, please let me watch it. Thanks
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