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  1. Yes there are a lot tablet these cost €.200 about. (See compatible devices list) But i don't know what of these works smoothly
  2. This tablet (Samsung Tab s5e) Is in the list, but it's unplayable in 3d mode. Why?
  3. How did you do? logos and graphics i know how can use them as pc as iPad versions. but Juventus name how did you solved?
  4. Strano perché ci sono sempre stati. Probabilmente é un bug. it’s real wired. In my opinion it is a bug.
  5. Please can you show kits of the match also in other games menu? don't forget third color in in-game editor. Thanks
  6. exactly this feature should be perfect. But please add an easy ingame editor (like FMM) as well We need to fix ourself (name and kits at least) licences issue that you have in the game this year. I did't buy FMT 2020 becouse Juventus trouble . Thank you
  7. Second part is in. Thanks. i hope for a new editor system for kits.
  8. Please can you fix third color missed in the kits editor? And please show them in pre and post match menu. thanks
  9. I mean other games stats. I can see them on schedule menu inside team profile, but i can see if press on result link. No direct link
  10. Hi guys, i’m enjoying so much with new FMT version on my iPad Pro. II don’t know if it’s a bug, but I can’t more see details of others match on competitions as in other version as I did. I thought there were an option for this, but I didn’t find it.
  11. Ok, thank you for your answear, but please keep it on your mind for next versions of game
  12. Thank you, but if i replaced my club with another one, and my club is a real team, afterwards first season i could’ve the same team in game. That is it becouse, for istance, . Bari could be promotted from “Serie D” to “Serie C”. It’s for this that i asked you my question.
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