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  1. this came up: Logged on channel: warnings-and-errors Warning: did not find fonts/sans
  2. I think he meant seasons not pre seasons mate
  3. Laptop shutting down on 3D match.

    I think it's crash dumps or a bug not sure what it is then
  4. just be paitent or it could be your fees
  5. Managerial Rivalries

    got a question on this: How much of an effect does these mind games affect the players?
  6. Hi guys having watching the F.A Cup and City winning it (even though they bought the F.A Cup IMO ). Has anyone have got the semi final or even the final and lose out to the favorites. I must stress they have to be NOT a premiership team so like Championship to BSP.
  7. Would you enjoy.........

    I guess I will be doing it from FM12 seeing as I am Stockport County relegated from League Two to BSP
  8. just try and not get their hopes up as their morale will drop even lower. I know what it's like to be in a dogfight to stay in your current position :'(.
  9. About to play my CL final

    Maybe if you let us know before hand, then yes
  10. About to play my CL final

    god this was a pointless thread
  11. My star player wants to leave :(

    ok right I withdraw my suspicions now
  12. My star player wants to leave :(

    yep he's right can't find him on the database
  13. My star player wants to leave :(

    that sucks mate how much did he go for?
  14. Will I ever win Champions League?

    it's your tactics sorry couldn't help it
  15. wow that's amazing which goalkeeper did you get to had no defeats?.