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  1. Thanks to SI

    I'd like to thank SI for all the effort they've put into this patch and especially for all the time they devote to these fora. The help they are providing in the official 10.2 patch thread is fantastic. I just wish that all games gave the same level of support as that given by SI. XXX (seriously)
  2. 10.2 - Editor?

    If you've got the boxed game, you could always patch it and reinstall if it doesn't work. I'm working on an XML file with new cities, clubs, stadia, players & staff and upgrading to 10.2 hasn't been a problem for me.
  3. Do you ever quit and play again?

    Why should you care? It's your game, you paid for it. Do whatever you feel comfortable with. Do whatever you need to do to enjoy the game. Just don't brag about your achievements.
  4. Editor Help

    Can anyone confirm or deny the truth of this? I can't see an option to duplicate a person anywhere. All I get are Add, Edit and Remove.
  5. Really Low Signing Fees

    This is BSN I'm talking about. Every Little Helps.
  6. Really Low Signing Fees

    It happens in the lower English leagues, too. I usually bump it up to a fiver, because I feel sorry for them.
  7. If you mouse-over "Non-Footballing Costs" it tells you that its "Amount of non-football staff wages paid out by the club". See posts #11 and #20
  8. Does this help? For example, a coach with: DET: 12 DIS: 13 MOT: 14 FIT: 15 Has Str and Aer coaching skills given by: 9*FIT + 2*(DET+DIS+MOT) = 213 213/300 = 71% Each 10% gives half a star: 0-9% = 0.5 stars 10-19% = 1.0 20-29% = 1.5 etc So, 71% = 4 stars (but only if coaching ONE area only) But I have a question... In the example above, the coach gets 4 stars if he coaches in one area only, and his rating drops if he's coaching two or more areas. Does anyone know how the stars are calculated when coaching in multiple areas?
  9. Ahh. So, I should get rid of my physio Dr Zoidberg? Shame, he asks for so little in wages.
  10. I'd prefer a different split. Separate the database and program updates. Regarding 10.0 vs 10.1. I remember many people saying that there wasn't any changes to the ME in 10.1, but I don't recall if any of them spoke with any authority. From what I remember, there were very few complaints about the demo (if any), but there's been many about 10.1. For the record, I'm happy with 10.1. Not ecstatic, but happy.
  11. HELP! 2009 to 2010

    You have to start again, I'm afraid
  12. Ball Boys & heavier ball

    Yes, it's annoying, but not as bad as it was in the demo. I remember my dumb-ass goalie dropping the ball in the 6 yard box and walking to just short of the half-way line to take a free kick. Then, realising he'd dropped the ball, walked all the way back to his goal, picked the ball up, turned round, and walked back to take the free kick. Things have certainly improved, but there's still a ways to go yet. Perhaps they could run instead of their sunday-morning-walk-in-the-park stroll.
  13. Best/Worst odds

    No, but that's as high as I've seen it. 50-1 them, 1-33 me. The mighty Blyth Spartans vs the lowest nobody I could find in pre-season.
  14. Backup Save

    When you save a game, FM... Renames "save-name.fm" to "save-name (backup).fm" Writes a new "save-name.fm" Deletes "save-name (backup).fm" So, if your save was interrupted during step 2, you should be able to rescue your game to the state of the previous save using "save-name (backup).fm".
  15. Sadly, that link contains the following explanation of Don't let your performance drop: If you are leading closely and feel your team is in control and dominating but has to stay focused to keep the lead. That seems to be the logical interpretation, but wwfan has said that isn't what it means. See the OP for wwfan's explanation.