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  1. Itemeleng Khune (€0,7m). Yepp, still great goalkeeper. Berke Özer or Rok Vodisek (€0,5-€1,2m). One in the turkish league, one from Slovenia. My scouts love them both, but maybe they love Özer a bit more. I think both can be starters in good clubs in the biggest leagues in the future. Daniel Braganca and Goncalo Costa (less than €1m a piece). Sporting CP let go of some very big talents for some weird reasons. I've gotten both Braganca (tidy central midfielder) and Costa (attacking left back) for ”nothing” (compared to how talented they are). Cristian Barrios (~€3m). He ain't cheap, but he's the only one I would ever use if I wanted a proper #10. Just ~1,55m, but doing the Lord's work at San Lorenzo. Enzo Cabrera (€2,5-€3m). Another one from Argentina. Very aggressive. I don't how to use him as a striker, but I think he can be developed into something great when I decide which role he should take. Kim Jin-su (€2,7m). It's sometimes difficult to find a decent left back. Jin-su will do the job for you in the big leagues. A lot of good qualities. Phakamani Mahlambi (€1m?). I don't know if you can get him away from Egypt, but if you can, go for it. An exceptional dribbler with fantastic pace. Motjeka Madisha (less than €0,5m). Maybe not smart enough, but looks like he can do a good job as a DM. South African, just like Mahlambi. Oswin Appolis, Abdou Salam Jiddou, Chukwudi Agor. I've had one save where they turn out great, I've had one save where they're terrible. From South Africa, Mali, and Nigeria. Pretty much no transfer fee involved. He's been mentioned, but look at Chumacero. You can get him for €0,5m, and he can start for a decent club in any of the biggest leagues.
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