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  1. My board have changed my wage budget to be approximately £1.5million per week LESS than I'm currently spending on wages. I have £600m in the bank, I am projected to pass FFP wage increases with the current wage structure, and I have a transfer budget of around £200m, but I cannot adjust the transfer and wage budgets, nor can I request a larger wage budget. This wasn't a gamebreaker but one of my two goalkeepers just broke his leg, and I can't offer anyone more than £190 per week so I cannot sign anyone decent, so it seems my board are sabotaging me and the club for no good reason. I'm about to upload the game as "Spurs wage issue" - hope someone can take a look and see what's going on? Thanks in advance.
  2. Anyone know if it's possible to change a player's home-grown status in the IGE? TIA.
  3. I'd definitely agree that Swansea game should have been re-scheduled.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/teams/tottenham-hotspur/scores-fixtures/2018-10
  5. Not from the initial point, but I've uploaded "spurs work permit issue" save game which has moved on into the transfer window and the issue still occurs. I've tested it on this save by scouting Kylian Mbappe then progressing the game until the scouting report for him is updated, and it says he probably wouldn't get a work permit. This seems to be the case for anyone not based in the UK / Ireland. However I have continued the game past this point and successfully signed Nicola Barella who was given a work permit with no problems, so it seems to be an issue with what the scouts are telling me rather than anything else.
  6. Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and West Ham all played in London at the same time on Wednesday just gone. I know that was EFL Cup and there were extenuating circumstances, but it can and does happen.
  7. I'm in early 2019, after the January transfer window closed, but before Brexit actually happens (not sure if the exact date makes a difference, but it may do.) When scouting players, I'm being told they are unlikely to get a work permit, even after appeal. This is the case for someone like Marco Verratti, who seems to have been virtually ever-present for club and country all season, so this either must be a bug or the work permit rules are unbelievably harsh!
  8. Yeah in my game he left the scum on a free after 3 seasons, joined Everton and was instantly worth £27m. I refused to take him though!
  9. Started a Spurs game with the Oxford tactic... was a bit disgruntled when I was 2-0 down at home to Leicester at half-time in the first league game, but came back to win that 4-3 followed by a 2-0 win at Stoke and a 3-0 home battering of Man United. Looks a great tactic, getting a hell of a lot of chances whilst keeping it pretty tight at the back (after that first half!) Thanks knap!
  10. Sure you've seen it, but Emmanuel Adebayor has been released by Tottenham
  11. Haha, yes he's done one but it's missing all the transfers, CA/PA updates, wonderkids etc. And on top of that he hasn't even bothered to upload it!
  12. Great work, many thanks pr0 - your efforts are much appreciated! I'm going to start as Spurs and try and buy Berahino...
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