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  1. in-game editor disappeared

    Weird... I've done exactly nothing since my last post, but just fired the game up again normally and the IGE is there and working normally!
  2. in-game editor disappeared

    Did that, no difference. I've tried everything listed in all the topics on it but nothing helps.
  3. in-game editor disappeared

    Not for me...
  4. Player of the Season not in Team of the Season

    Don't have one from before that I'm afraid but "poole team of the season issue (v03).fm" is when it appears if that helps? Uploaded anyway.
  5. 48% of fans thought Pol Lirola was our best player overall this season, but that wasn't enough to get him in the team of the season! Can't be right, surely? And in fact the second placed player, Denis Canaj, also didn't make the team of the season!
  6. Home grown status issue

    Unfortunately I don't, sorry.
  7. Home grown status issue

    Uploaded as "poole ferguson home grown issue"
  8. I think this is a bug but the home-grown rules are quite complicated so I'm prepared to be educated! See my squad list below, you will see that the mouse is hovering over Graeme Ferguson's status and the pop up says "Has been at the club for 3 years before his 21st birthday. Has been trained in this nation for 3 years between his 15th and 21st birthdays" From that, I would say he should be counted in the "minimum of 4 players trained by Poole for 3 years between 15th and 21st birthdays" - ie have a light blue HG tag - as well as in the "minimum of 8 players trained in England for 3 years between his 15th and 21st birthdays" - dark blue tag. But he's only got a dark blue tag which obviously affects my planning. Is this right or is this a bug?
  9. So my coaching staff are very concerned about the dramatic turn for the worse in squad harmony during the training camp. That'll be the dramatic turn for the worse in squad harmony that left every single player bar one happy (and the one was still content) That doesn't make sense, surely?
  10. I have something similar, playing as Poole in the Vanarama National League my board sold Jack Roles to Hibs without allowing me any input, then criticise me because it's a poor financial deal for the club. A couple of screenshots below indicating this, and a saved game uploaded as "roles board confidence issue.fm" Hope that helps!
  11. Thanks Ben. I appreciate the reasoning for the change. Maybe the restriction put in place can be changed to be only for clauses within loan agreements or something? In my case the player was at Real Madrid but on loan elsewhere, I wanted him to continue on loan to get games, which he wouldn't get at Madrid, but I wanted to make sure I could activate the release clause before they got him to sign a new contract. In the end I waited until after the deadline to make the offer so he's joining me in January, which isn't ideal but better than immediate.
  12. Hi Ben, I've just had a similar issue and wondered if there had been any further update on this one? Thanks
  13. Yeah in my game he left the scum on a free after 3 seasons, joined Everton and was instantly worth £27m. I refused to take him though!