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  1. Thanks for the reply Tony, unfortunately I don't still have a save - I continued the game (just avoiding the sack by picking up 9 points from 5 games!) but as soon as the season finished they were suddenly quite happy again - and that's where my oldest existing save is I'm afraid. Sorry.
  2. As the title says, my board are extremely unhappy that I'm miles behind expectations, despite the fact that I'm actually well ahead of expectations. Save game "St Pats" uploaded.
  3. I sold one of my promising youngsters because the board told me they would add £100k to the transfer budget : but having sold him, the budget hasn't been increased : When you're short of money, this makes a massive difference. I would never have sold him without that promise. Very annoying. I've uploaded "St Pats board promise not kept" save game which is just after this all happened, and also "St Pats before transfer" which is the last other save I have, although it's before the bid was even made so may not be any help.
  4. OK, update - I had to reload the last save, and when replaying the match it finished OK (I won 2-0, so actually a better outcome!) PKM of the original game attached in case it helps identify the problem.TNS v Mosta unfinishable.pkm
  5. I'm in my third season, playing in the Europa Conference League qualifying with TNS. The final whistle has gone but I cannot continue the game - it's "waiting for next highlight". The top right button shows Play as if the game is paused, but if so I can't unpause - clicking that button does nothing. Any thoughts?
  6. I'm managing Undy in the Cymru South league in Wales - we're a semi-pro outfit with only two players on a wage - everyone else is pay as you play. But when my youth intake comes through, all the players I signed up go on to £5 a week youth contracts, which completely screws up my finances. The only way to stop this is to kick the players out of the club or offer them a full contract which can be pay as you play, but won't come in until they reach 17, so I'm stuck paying them until then. Surely in this situation the youth players should be on pay as you play deals as soon as they come
  7. Ousmane Dembele is out of contract in the summer. I've asked his agent about his availability, and he said this : But as soon as I go to offer him a contract, the agent says this : That shouldn't happen - the agent should tell me as soon as I enquire that he's not currently prepared to negotiate.
  8. My board expect me to qualify for the Europa League next season, and then reach the latter stages of the Champions League the following season. That doesn't make any sense. I've uploaded "spurs inconsistent expectations" savegame for you.
  9. I signed a young player on deadline day with the promise to send him out on loan. The next day I named the Champions League squad without him in it, and he's furious. When he talks to me about it, I don't have an option to say "Well, you're going to be going out on loan so it would have been stupid to put you in the squad" or similar, which there really should be as I don't have any way to explain that this is entirely consistent with what he's been promised. Whatever I say to him only exacerbates the situation and looks like it's leading to long-term problems with him which should be entirely
  10. After a game between Newcastle and Spurs, I've had the following 2 news reports, clearly referencing the same incident but one naming Steve Bruce and one naming me as the Newcastle manager :
  11. And following that I suggested £60m and they just said "no" and didn't give me any increase at all, just because we didn't agree on the actual figure. That seems like the chairman is cutting off his nose to spite his face - surely he would still give the increase that he'd already said was OK?
  12. And having said "I don't think that's enough..." and suggested a figure of £80m, they've responded with this - again not telling me what their proposal actually is.
  13. I've requested an increased transfer budget, and despite an initial "no" I've persuaded the board to increase it. However they've asked me if the proposed increased amount is OK or if I'd like to negotiate it, but I don't know because they haven't told me what the new budget is!
  14. As Tottenham, my AssMan is suggesting that Son Heung-Min would be a better vice-captain than Eric Dier due in part to having been at the club longer. However, Dier joined Spurs a year before Son, so this is inaccurate.
  15. Not sure if this is a bug, or if this is the right place for it, but the Champions League odds before the start of the competition in season 2 are a bit odd in my game - 50/1 doesn't say to me that we're among the forerunners in the competition!
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