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  1. These seem to be broken. I'm managing England, and whenever I have a team meeting I get to choose one of 2 or 3 options to say to the players. Whichever I choose always seems to get a "Thrilled" or similar response from 90-95% of the players, but if I then declare myself pleased with that response, they're suddenly all "Furious". It makes no sense whatsoever.
  2. Two of my players (Souza and Adalto Chagas) played in a friendly for me (Tottenham) at my stadium (London, England) on the same day as they played for Brazil U-23s in the Olympics in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada! Souza even managed to score 5 goals across the 2 games! Save uploaded as "souza 2 games 1 day"
  3. Unfortunately not, I've continued the game since then and therefore the saves have been overwritten.
  4. I've got a similar thing with my training facilities, uploaded save game as "West Brom Training Facilities"
  5. Slightly odd end to this news article : Save game uploaded as West Brom 0th, if it helps.
  6. Both my first team goalkeepers have been injured for 2 months+ in early March. The league rules state that emergency goalkeepers can be signed on loan at any time during the season, but any goalkeeper I go to has Loan Offer greyed out and saying "Carlisle are not allowed to loan players outside a transfer window" The game doesn't specify exactly what conditions must be met to enable an emergency goalkeeper being allowed, but I would have thought long-term injuries to both my main keepers would be enough to allow it, otherwise it's a fairly pointless rule. Save game uploaded as "Carli
  7. That used to be the case, nowadays every gameday 2 games kick off early and 6 late - not decided by geography.
  8. Thanks for the response, Vik - unfortunately I've continued the game and all the saves from before then have now been overwritten. Sorry.
  9. As Spurs, I'm trying to get rid of Serge Aurier. He's on the unwanted list and the transfer list. I've had these two messages in my inbox, a minute apart. The Man U bid is rejected because it doesn't meet the DOF's valuation, but the Nice bid (lower monthly payment, lower wage contribution, lower eventual transfer fee) is accepted because he's on the transfer list. Don't understand this at all. I've uploaded the save game as "spurs aurier dof issue"
  10. Thanks for the reply Tony, unfortunately I don't still have a save - I continued the game (just avoiding the sack by picking up 9 points from 5 games!) but as soon as the season finished they were suddenly quite happy again - and that's where my oldest existing save is I'm afraid. Sorry.
  11. As the title says, my board are extremely unhappy that I'm miles behind expectations, despite the fact that I'm actually well ahead of expectations. Save game "St Pats" uploaded.
  12. I sold one of my promising youngsters because the board told me they would add £100k to the transfer budget : but having sold him, the budget hasn't been increased : When you're short of money, this makes a massive difference. I would never have sold him without that promise. Very annoying. I've uploaded "St Pats board promise not kept" save game which is just after this all happened, and also "St Pats before transfer" which is the last other save I have, although it's before the bid was even made so may not be any help.
  13. OK, update - I had to reload the last save, and when replaying the match it finished OK (I won 2-0, so actually a better outcome!) PKM of the original game attached in case it helps identify the problem.TNS v Mosta unfinishable.pkm
  14. I'm in my third season, playing in the Europa Conference League qualifying with TNS. The final whistle has gone but I cannot continue the game - it's "waiting for next highlight". The top right button shows Play as if the game is paused, but if so I can't unpause - clicking that button does nothing. Any thoughts?
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