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  1. After a game between Newcastle and Spurs, I've had the following 2 news reports, clearly referencing the same incident but one naming Steve Bruce and one naming me as the Newcastle manager :
  2. As Tottenham, my AssMan is suggesting that Son Heung-Min would be a better vice-captain than Eric Dier due in part to having been at the club longer. However, Dier joined Spurs a year before Son, so this is inaccurate.
  3. Have Bale & Reguilon signed in time to get in the next update? Because I'm buzzing!
  4. It's under Home ==> Promises My current annoyance is the lottery when you tell a player you're pleased with his training performances. Either he's pleased, and his morale goes right up, or he's annoyed and it's the most devastating thing ever!
  5. The one thing that's really annoying me at the moment is delegating player contract negotiations to my DoF. Now obviously I don't want him to get involved with contract offers to potential new signings, because 90% of the time they'll be rejected. But I do want him to do all the contract renewals, because he usually manages it, and if he fails I can generally take it on without it costing me too much of a problem. Why on earth can't I delegate these two separate tasks separately? It's crazy, SI, crazy!
  6. I don't have any other skins in the folder. I've now cleared the cache but that doesn't seem to have changed anything, other than turning Juventus back into Zebre!
  7. OK just deleted my previous download, and downloaded from this thread (post higher on this page, showing as YACS 0.7.0 ingame) but it still looks the same, no secondary drop-down menus. This is the squad screen after doing all that : Looks exactly the same.
  8. Also there's nowhere to change the view (eg contract details, homegrown status etc) on the squad screen that I can see? In fact it seems to be a general thing; there's no secondary drop-down menu on any screen, which is there on the standard skins.
  9. Great skin, I've just found one thing that's slightly bugging me though! See screenshot below, on the Champions League (or other similar competitions) there isn't an option to select a different stage, so after the draw for the second round there doesn't seem to be any way to view the group stage - unless I'm missing something?
  10. One of the most frustrating things currently for me is not being able to tell easily if my current squad will meet the registration requirements for certain competitions (principally the Champions League, but this would apply for any competition that has squad restrictions.) I would like to see the ability to register your squad at any time, with the game indicating whether or not you meet the various restrictions (ie a certain quantity of homegrown players, or a maximum number of foreign players, as well as showing you which players don't need to be registered as they are below the age requirement) - basically exactly what happens on the registration date, but at any time. You would then be able to adjust the squad at any time up to the registration date, whilst obviously keeping within the competition rules. This would make the rebuilding of your squad much easier during the transfer windows.
  11. This is something that's bugged me in previous games and I've mentioned it on here before. There are set dates for naming your squad for some competitions, such as the Champions League. But until that date it's such a pain in the arse trying to work out how many homegrown / nation homegrown / foreign players, and who counts as under-23 so doesn't have to be registered etc. Is it too much to ask for FM2021 that you can name your squad at literally any time from the day after the previous final until the actual registration date, so that it's easy to make sure your squad fits the limits and you don't end up leaving anyone out and pissing them off?
  12. I'm playing a 4-1-1-4 DM Wide Gegenpress in the second season with Kane and Moussa Dembele up front with Parrott backing them up, I'm the PL top scorers so far and Kane just won a clean sweep of the World Player of the Year awards.
  13. @RageMaster just noticed you asked about Bellingham too! He's on loan at Sheffield United in the Championship, playing regularly with an average rating of 6.67. Expecting him to start pressing for first team football with me next season.
  14. @RageMaster he's not played a huge amount as Semedo is my first choice, but he's doing very well when called upon :
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