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  1. As you can see from the screenshot, I am Weymouth in the Vanarama National League, and I am affiliated to Yeovil who are also in the Vanarama National League, despite the link details saying that playing in the same division will terminate the link.
  2. Uploaded as "spurs past positions error"
  3. Not something that's a major problem at all, but I just happened to notice it now. Apparently, having been top almost all season, my 3-0 win against Wolves in game 37 dropped me down to 17th position - fortunately I bounced back to win the title on the last day!! Some kind of error on the Past Positions screen for some reason!
  4. I don't I'm afraid, I didn't notice until the next senior game which was after the EFL Trophy game. I can upload a save from that point if it'll be any use?
  5. I had a player sent off for two yellow cards in a Premier League game but he's not suspended for my next game (and no suspensions showing.) Looking at the schedules all I can think is that his suspension was served in an U-23s game - either the Premier League Cup or the EFL Trophy. I wouldn't have thought either of those should count though.
  6. The fact that it happens all the time doesn't make it any less of a bug. It wouldn't happen in real life so it shouldn't happen in-game.
  7. See pic - the next two games are a league game on the Sunday followed by the Carabao Cup game on the Tuesday. If a club has a league game on the Sunday they'd always play their CC game on the Wednesday, not the Tuesday. Basic scheduling error.
  8. Just won the Carabao Cup, and had a notification of the players who were awarded a medal - it included everyone in my squad who'd played in the Carabao Cup that season, including players that I'd bought in January and who'd played only for their previous team in the competition. Obviously that's not right.
  9. I don't know if this has been mentioned before (sorry, but I cba to troll through the whole thread!) In the EPL season 2024/25 the calendar at Christmas works the same as this year, so I have games on Thursday 26th December and Saturday 28th December - don't like it, but it's in keeping with reality, so no problem. However, they're both against the same opposition - which would never happen IRL - and it's Manchester United (I'm Spurs) which I think is also wrong for the Boxing Day games as these are generally scheduled to minimise travel on that date - looking at this year's fixtures the longest was Sheffield v Watford, which although it's a fair distance is straight up the M1 so not too bad. Manchester v London wouldn't happen. The game's also scheduled Liverpool v Chelsea, Arsenal v Man City and Norwich v Everton for Boxing Day, all of which are unlikely, but worst of all they have Brighton v Newcastle, with the return match on Tyneside two days later!
  10. I don't I'm afraid, I didn't notice until the day of the testimonial. I have a save game from that date but not from any earlier. Let me know if that'll be any use to you.
  11. Playing as Spurs, we've just had Harry Kane's well-deserved testimonial match. Former players such as Christian Eriksen and Dele Alli returned for the occasion, which was great. The match was against Zenit St Petersburg, which is an interesting and unexpected choice, but that's not the main issue. The problem is that the game was scheduled for the same day as the quarter-final of Euro 2024 - which meant that Kane couldn't be there as he was playing for England! That simply wouldn't happen in real life and so shouldn't happen in the game.
  12. I don't have any other skins in the folder. I've now cleared the cache but that doesn't seem to have changed anything, other than turning Juventus back into Zebre!
  13. OK just deleted my previous download, and downloaded from this thread (post higher on this page, showing as YACS 0.7.0 ingame) but it still looks the same, no secondary drop-down menus. This is the squad screen after doing all that : Looks exactly the same.
  14. Also there's nowhere to change the view (eg contract details, homegrown status etc) on the squad screen that I can see? In fact it seems to be a general thing; there's no secondary drop-down menu on any screen, which is there on the standard skins.
  15. Great skin, I've just found one thing that's slightly bugging me though! See screenshot below, on the Champions League (or other similar competitions) there isn't an option to select a different stage, so after the draw for the second round there doesn't seem to be any way to view the group stage - unless I'm missing something?
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