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    Here we go...

    Season 14 Pre Season Update - 2024/25 Board Expectations Serie A - Challenge for the Serie A Title Champions League - Reach the First Knockout Round of the Champions League TIM Cup - Reach the Semi Final of the TIM Cup Supercoppa - Not Important My Expectations Serie A - Minimum is too challenge for the title but with a stronger squad I should be looking to retain it Champions League - Been disappointing in the CL so far, hoping to make L16 as an absolute miminum TIM Cup - By no means a priority but looking to make at least the Semis Supercoppa - Vs Roma, will use as a friendly game Budgets Transfer Budget - £25m Wage Budget - £1.2m - Currently spending £900k Transfers Key Players In Andrea Pagano - from Lazio for £22.5m - My big money signing of the summer, I have been looking at Pagano develop since he joined Lazio after being released as a youngster by Juve for a few years now and after last season in which he was the Serie A top scorer with 24 goals I decided to pounce as I look to bolster my striking options. Haim Mualem - from Porto for £3.5m - My only concern with Mualem is that i will be his 7th club already at age just 23 but I have bought in him for the fact that he can play naturally at either CB or at DMC, won't be good enough to crack the starting lineup initially and has mainly been signed as a backup. Petteri Tahvanainen - from HJK for £725k - Signed as a backup GK but looks to have enough about him to play in Serie A, my scouts rate him highly. Was needed mainly for when I lose my number 1 Zerrouki to the African Nations. Key Players Out Emerson to Real Madrid for £8.75m - It just never worked out for Emerson here, signed a year ago for £8.75m he struggled to hold down a starting place due to the impressive form of Takac and Joel. With the addition of Pagano I decided to move him out for the same fee I paid. Mansour Dieng to Frankfurt for £7.5m - A shame to see Dieng leave, one of my first signings at Torino and a loyal servant but only started 8 games last season. I decided I couldn't justify turning down £7.5m for him. Moussa Kone to PSG for £6.5m - Another of my early signings but Injuries got the better of Kone here and after a couple of lengthy layoffs he fell down the pecking order. Fabio Mena to Corinthians for £5m - A £5m offer for a pretty average backup DMC was too good to turn down, played nearly every game in my first season here but has been behind Cisse for the last two. Team Report + Tactics Next Really looking forward to this season as I look to defend my Serie A title, I feel I have a stronger squad than last year although I haven't been able to bring in a right winger that I really wanted to add. I will have to look into that again in January. My only concern is that an injury to either my star winger Ferreira or AMC Villagra could leave me in a bit of trouble. The draw for the Champions League group stage sees me matched up against Real, Frankfurt and Panathinaikos which whilst it could been easier I feel 2nd place in certainly up for grabs. I haven't yet beat a higher seed than me with Torino in two previous campaigns but having been made a second seed this year should help me out. Hopefully another good season with Torino is on the cards.
  2. City2000

    Here we go...

    They sure did, they don't have much of a squad but this guy is their stand out player. Thanks
  3. City2000

    The FMCU Forum Quiz 2012!

    Email sent
  4. City2000

    Here we go...

    Nice catch. Uploaded the wrong screenshot, doh! Changed it now. Also added the WC2026 qualifying table to the post above now.
  5. City2000

    Here we go...

    Managerial Update Having been sacked by Turkey back in 2019 i'm making my return to international management with England. I wasn't really looking to get back into international management but after Mancini got the boot following Euro 2024 I couldn't resist taking the job on after I was named favourite for the role. As you can see below from the squad report England have a decent squad with a few standout players, not sure it has the quality to win a major tournament but we shall see... Key Men Ian Mcintosh David Hussey Dave Smith Dan Hayes Our World Cup qualifying group doesn't look too bad either
  6. City2000

    Here we go...

    International Roll of Honour [b]World Cup European Champs Copa America Cup of Nations ---------------------------------------------------------------------------[/b] 2012 Portugal Senegal 2013 Ivory coast 2014 Holland 2015 Argentina Ivory coast 2016 France 2017 South Africa 2018 France 2019 Argentina Burkino Faso 2020 Holland 2021 DR Congo 2022 Mexico 2023 USA Ivory Coast 2024 Holland European Roll of Honour [b]Champions League Europa League ----------------------------------------------[/b] 2011/12 Real Madrid Spurs 2012/13 Man Utd Chelsea 2013/14 Spurs Man City 2014/15 Barcelona PSG 2015/16 Bayern Spurs 2016/17 Marseille CSKA Moscow 2017/18 Marseille CSKA Moscow 2018/19 Chelsea Valencia 2019/20 Barcelona Leverkusen 2020/21 Leverkusen Sampdoria 2021/22 Sevilla [color=RED]Torino[/color] 2022/23 Marseille Barcelona 2023/24 Leverkusen Werder Domestic Roll of Honour [b]England Spain Italy Germany France Holland ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/b] 2011/12 Man Utd Barcelona AC Milan Werder Lyon PSV 2012/13 Spurs Barcelona AC Milan Schalke Lyon Vitesse 2013/14 Man City Barcelona Napoli Leverkusen Lyon PSV 2014/15 Man Utd Real Madrid Juventus Bayern Lyon Vitesse 2015/16 Chelsea Barcelona Juventus Bayern Lyon PSV 2016/17 Arsenal Real Madrid Juventus Bayern PSG [color=RED]FC Twente[/color] 2017/18 Man Utd Real Madrid Sampdoria Wolfsburg Marseille [color=RED]FC Twente[/color] 2018/19 Man City Barcelona Juventus Bayern Marseille [color=RED]FC Twente[/color] 2019/20 Spurs Real Madrid Juventus Leverkusen Marseille [color=RED]FC Twente[/color] 2020/21 Man Utd Barcelona Sampdoria Wolfsburg Marseille [color=RED]FC Twente[/color] 2021/22 Man Utd Barcelona Roma Wolfsburg Lyon FC Twente 2022/23 Man Utd Barcelona Juventus FC Bayern Marseille FC Twente 2023/24 Chelsea Real Madrid [color=RED]Torino[/color] FC Bayern Marseille Ajax Red indicates team managed by me
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    Here we go...

    Euro 2024 A few notes of interest from Euro 2024 France and Italy only teams to win all three group games Armenia failing to get a point on their major tournament debut Spain and Italy meeting in the second round Holland winning their second Euros in a row and third major tournament victory in 10 years Denmark, Italy and England managers all sacked, Wales and Spain managers quit
  8. City2000

    Here we go...

    Former Club Watch Great work from Fortuna to qualify for the Europa League, they will enter in the Third Qualifying round. For Twente it will go down as their worst season for some 8 years as they fail to win a trophy finishing runners up in the Eredivisie to Ajax. Surely no coincidence that their worst season for some time happens as manager Roberto Donadoni leaves for Napoli and they appoint 36 year old Rydell Poepon who had moderate success at Feyenoord. They have however just moved into the new 47000 capacity Twente Stadium but I fear their period of domination in Holland could be coming to an end.
  9. City2000

    Here we go...

    Thanks Thanks, I think I may have too. I changed my style in Serie A in the past season to a more attacking one which worked well and I tried to take that into my European games but it clearly didn't work there. I may go to a slightly more conservative style in Europe I think whilst keeping my attacking style domestically.
  10. Shame you couldn't find your best form particularly in the in the final, nice win over Argentina though. Good luck for the new season with Santos
  11. City2000

    An European Journeyman Adventure

    From Bristol City to Liverpool to Barca all inside a year, don't see that everyday! Shame to see you leave City to be honest as it looked like you were really building something there but I understand the lure of the clubs you have since moved to. Good luck at Barca You certainly haven't held back in the spending department!
  12. Unlucky in the Copa America, shame you couldn't turn your dominance into goals. Nice season with Estudiantes though, good luck for next season
  13. City2000

    Here we go...

    Thanks all Is a shame our European form hasn't been better, hopefully next year will be our breakthrough year in the CL. Takac was great, I just took a punt on him really and it looks like it's paid off so far! Already got clubs sniffing around so might have to give him his third contract in a year just to get his minimum fee release clause higher.
  14. City2000

    Bromley FC (...And the Rest of the World)

    Just looking through your Key Players and you have a lot of great young talent there, i'd love to have some of those in my squad for sure. I really like attacking full backs and Roubaud looks great for that role. The future for Bromley certainly looks bright
  15. Did a good gob in Luxembourg, good luck in Russia!