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  1. First of all let me apolgise to anyone who read my previous thread '[FM11] Classic Journeyman Save - Why Not?', as I had to abandon my promising (although short) save due to my computer capitulating a while ago. In that save, I had started a promising career with Droylsden in the Blue Square Bet North saving them from apparent doom. I felt it was time to start afresh so, with a new laptop of questionable quality, I took to having another crack with all leagues loaded in England and Scotland (as well as the top Icelandic league) with a medium database in the hope that it would hold out this time with less processing to worry about. For the bemused out there, this is not an EXACT case of Jesus Navas because I am not homesick in Spain but instead our very own Angleterre, and those in the north of the border. I am currently at the business end of my second season, so will be doing regular updates from that point onwards. However, I will first document how it's gone so far. I will refrain from using screen-shots for these reminiscent posts simply because I didn't take any, but will use the odd one inn future posts. Season 2010/11 - Unemployed So, I started unemployed with an Automatic reputation as I've been out of the Sunday-League crack for a while. Within days of starting the game in mid-December (I chose the Icelandic start date) a certain manager and a certain club parted company, and I applied immediately. Low and behold it was at Droylsden and with me dreaming that the chairman Dave Pace fondly remembered my employability last save, I once again took the reins at the Butchers Arms Ground. Droylsden F.C. Upon my arrival we were in 17th position, a fair way from the bottom 2 (there was only 21 in the league) but also a long way from upper echelons of the Blue Square Bet North. At first glance, the squad was fairly well stocked but lacked the quality or morale to reflect the 3rd place predicted at the beginning of the season. I started well, as I guided us to 5 straight victories in my first 5 games to kick us up to mid-table. Come January our form continued to improve as I brought in two central midfielders to increase competition, including one Francis Zenaba who was a revelation for me in my corrupt previous save, along with another other familiar face in the wonderfully named winger Andrew Osei-Siribour. But the cream of the crop for me was veteran Gifton Noel-Williams, an animal of a striker who was far too good for BSN level according to my controversial assistant Aeon Lattie. These new signings along with my star players - centre-back Michael Byron (apps:26 gls:9 rat:7.28), playmaker Rob Lloyd (apps:44 gls:7 rat:7.16) and winger Lewis Killeen (apps:30 gls:10 rat: 7.01) meant that with January long gone, our progress up the league halted for no man, woman or child as we entered the play-off reckoning with 8 games remaining. Little did I know how disasterously the teams above us would choke, allowing us to romp to the title with a game to spare. The remarkable form shown by my team was a shock to say the least, as we went 22 games unbeaten in all the 22 games of which I took charge. We were up and I was in sheer disbelief. Season review: Well, I exceeded all my own aspirations by winning the league but I merely met the boards, who expected a promotion challenge from the off. Up there with my most esteemed FM seasons ever. Transfer Gossip: I felt I had assembled a squad which had a solid backbone but needed tweaking a fair bit to challenge in the Blue Square Bet Premier. With a heavy heart I let Lewis Killeen depart after he tried to single-handedly destroy my wage budget, along with fans favourites Steve Halford and Ciaran Kilheeney. Looking To The Future: I signed a new one-year contract, this time on a full-time contract. I thought mid-table was a real possibility with some astute signings, and wanted to keep hold of big Gifton at al costs.
  2. A second of life for a second in game is a laughable idea.
  3. I'm managing the Dons in the 2014/15 season after previous spells at Droylsden and Chesterfield. They are in league 2 and are staring at financial meltdown but I couldn't turn them down as they still have some good players such as Martin in goal, O'Hanlon in defence and Baldock up top. My current team is as follows; --------------------Martin--------------------- Luissint--O'Hanlon--MacDonald--Garbutt ------Berrett-------Watts-------Bailey------ ---Worrall-----------------------------Cox--- --------------------Baldock------------------- I am currently top of the league mid-way through the campaign and the goals are flying in. Baldock can do a job running onto the ball and my wingers are chipping in also, now it's just a case of holding onto my players in my wafer-thin squad until we come out of debt! A couple may have to leave in January to keep the board happy but hopefully we can get promotion and then push on and hopefully bring glory to stadium:mk!
  4. CM 03/04 was my first love, so that is definately worth a mention. Rushden & Diamonds and Doncaster Rovers - magnifique! FM08 includes my longest save to date, from Stalybridge (with a certain Onandi Lowe bagging an average of 2.3 goals a game one season) to Spartak Moscow, then to Carlisle with Jason Scotland. However FM11 is obviously the best technically, and I am enjoying it a great deal, roll on 11.3!
  5. Hey now, we all dream of a team of Carraghers... Wow top marks to Popovic, surely a goal of the season contender?
  6. Quick question daf, do you tend to take certain players with you when moving clubs? My affinity with big Gifton Noel-Williams is bordering on the rediculous...
  7. I would suggest Gifton Noel-Williams at Droylsden, but he's just turned 33...
  8. Bizarre question here; does good finishing abilty in defenders raise their suceptibilty to scoring own goals? I checked this out and have actually found a correlation, with my highest rated defender (for finishing) scoring the most! I know that composure and concentration play a massive part, but would finishing? At all?
  9. It arrived today! Low and behold, I have just got offered the Droylsden job at the end of November 2010 with them struggling at 18th! Needless to say after half a year desperately applying for jobs in South Korea, I have took on the chellenge. Let's see where this takes me
  10. I've just spent an entire evening reading this thread, and am now itching to begin a similar 'rags to riches' story when FM11 arrives in the post (damn Amazon!) Particular highlights for me were the way club colours play a part in deciding your place of employment (how are you feeling with a lack of proper kit/badge at Schalke?) and also how both Droylsden and Dordrecht enjoyed consolidation after you left, which shows you left them in pretty good nick! Hopefully I'll avoid the indecision in and around League 2, but I have to say I am exactly the same in resigning drastically if a club just doesn't feel right. What are your plans for the future? Surely managing Spurs would be a dream for you, but maybe domination in Spain/Italy (with their real kits/badges) would be a good move first? Good luck! P.s how do you get the pictures into the thread? Just print-screen? I fancy doing one of my own!
  11. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=212908 I've just had a similar idea! Should be fun
  12. Would really appreciate the 92/93 for novelty value XD Phil Babb at Liverpool anyone?
  13. Willie was quality player back in the day, he's now at Glenafton Athletic; http://members.tripod.com/bob_newcumnock/glenafton/glens_player_howie/index.html
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