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  1. In year 2/3 everton got took over and have spent over £100 million , but yet to start full season to see how they play
  2. on europe away games or away games that are a distance you having to pick X amount of players to take with you and you can only pick out of those players (sry if been mentioned)
  3. if i was going to troll i would say watch this vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnhF1QAEZjU but i wouldnt watch it though
  4. bebe was a joke as well he must be up their as one of the worst signings so far( fingers crossed) but with brown he is 31?32? he should be challenging as hes experienced and not that old so he shouldnt be content in not playing as in my opinion is better then smalling and should try and leave Man Utd
  5. cause he's willing to sit on the bench and bebe is a has been, he was decent at his old club and now hes awful
  6. First on the team sheet? if i had one i would build a team around him , anyone complains thier kicked out of the club
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