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  1. Blidly

    Cards Against Humanity

    No. No. No.
  2. Blidly

    Android Phone

    Just bought a OnePlus One.. hopefully as good as the reviews say they are..
  3. Blidly

    The 2014 Formula 1 Thread

    Oh ok. Didn't realise I didn't matter to F1. I assume younger he means people who cant afford the F1 paddock experience. My bad. Guess I'll wait 20 years and then come back..
  4. Blidly

    A thread where we discuss films

    Interstellar... I don't know. Wasn't bad but wasn't his best. Visually and sound design wise did have a epic feel to its credit. Lots of spinning around though...
  5. Blidly

    A thread where we discuss films

    Saw Filth last night. Not what I was expecting. Really good though.
  6. Blidly

    A thread where we discuss films

    Really? I really enjoyed it. It took days of thinking about after as I wasnt too sure when I left the cinema - but I would be happy to watch it again!
  7. Blidly

    OTF student thread

    Big 4 Accounting Firms PWC, KPMG, Deloitte and EY Much larger then the rest http://www.accountancyage.com/static/top50-this-year Just look at fee income lowest big 4 is over x3 bigger then no.5
  8. Blidly

    OTF student thread

    Ok, so I have a little amount of time.
  9. Blidly

    OTF student thread

    Failed Big 4, looking at other companies but even then rejected at various stages. Also thinking about not doing accounting. But would like some time off, so I can re-evaluate where I stand. Thanks!
  10. Blidly

    OTF student thread

    For ex-students, when did you start applying for grad jobs? Ive already started but lots of negative response has meant I want to take some time away from constant rejection, but worried I wont find another job if I take a break. Thoughts?
  11. Blidly

    A thread where we discuss films

    Watched Bad Neighbours last night. Pretty good
  12. Blidly

    OTF student thread

    If you wouldn't mind could you? Any more advice or a different perspective is always useful on improving skills - and interview skills are insanely important!
  13. Blidly

    Don Bradman Cricket 17 Out Now

    Its freezing for me when saving at the career home screen when quiting/ending a match
  14. Blidly

    Don Bradman Cricket 17 Out Now

    Froze now after taking my best bowling figures. Now have to replay the game. Starting to get annoyed now .
  15. Blidly

    Don Bradman Cricket 17 Out Now

    So got this yesterday, and this is just a general xbox version question does it crash often for you? Seems to freeze a fair bit for me :/ Also playing as a bowling all rounder in the first innings I get the best bowling figures for the team, then in the second innings even though my team uses 6 bowlers I am not one of them? Why??!! Seems frustrating is all just sitting at the sim screen.