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  1. Yes in the long term you lose 1.8m but save yourself 5.6-1.8=3.8m However you can also take the risk of someone actually fully buying him or it not happening and being stuck with him
  2. I managed Ajax once. Was really fun - dominated home league , but champs league was the real test -> was ecastic when I reached UCL QF
  3. Thanks, just found preferences and it was unticked. Just ticked it. Hopefully games should be moved now, thanks again.
  4. Hi, so im stiill playing FM12 and it seems that all my games are all played on the same day, so in the EPL all 20 teams are all playing on the same day. I'm currently in decemeber and it seems every league fixture previous is like this. Champions League is also the same in the group stage. This is the last patch on my laptop, I have had previous saves on my desk top in earlier patchs and its been fine. Any ideas why it is like this? Edit: sorry if this is in the wrong section
  5. W8 is more built for kinect and windows phone and their touch screen uses.....
  6. Play no.2 in everything except truly vital games. Wait until final weeks to offer a new contract - demands will be severly reduced, but if demands are still unreasonable just get a free transfer keeper use the search expiring contract tool.
  7. wouldnt have any history would he? History is football related
  8. Almost, in FM11 looking at a french regen called Ferrer who was a striker. Refused to sign him aged 18 but his club wanted £7million , i said no thats too much. He joined Real Madrid, became a complete beast knocked me out of the Champs league twice with his goals. Then bought him for £45 million.....
  9. Depends , if you have the hulk and want to intimidate them yes. No in all other situations, from my experiences I've seen them foul more when angry and more long shots.
  10. Was wondering how do the researchers find out favoured personel? Is it all just from reports in the media/interviews?
  11. I would do one year rolling contract offering at the last minute so his demands will fall.
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