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  1. Penalities eh. Good to see we have a good history in winning them
  2. But there remembered as a tactial team which played to their strengths and their opposition's weaknesses
  3. If they win , doesnt matter Look at Inter Milan when they won ECL
  4. Loving the chants of England England England down the pub...
  5. Giving Pirlo too much time . He's 90 just get carrol to bring him down
  6. We just assume we will lose. Saves time
  7. Lawro's punditry has to be arguably the worst out there
  8. Balotelli, movement great, finishing ****
  9. Henderson and Carroll on. HOW DID I OFFEND YOU GOD IM SORRY!!
  10. Please Shearer just stop talking. just go home and apply for managerial jobs
  11. If johnson could do that defending often he would be awesome
  12. Please Italy score, put me out of my misery.
  13. No. I look at stats after attributes but really they hold no sway unless amazing. An example would be a transfer listed striker I bought became the top scorer for my team (man utd) in 2 seasons. If i went on stats I would have ignored him
  14. Cole pushed Balotelli at the end of that attack?
  15. As england are producing all these chances, Italy to win 1-0
  16. Welbeck seems to be man marking Pirlo. Hmm how good is his defending?
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