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  1. That’s not true? A short term loan is up to 93 days, this is a loan until the end of the season. Crystal Palace signed Batshuyai in January and he was on the squad after the January update. Same way Nketiah won’t be on the Leeds squad after the update, Augustin will. Why would it be any different.
  2. Had a good first season. Didn't make any first team signings. Defence was really solid, mainly built around the CM's getting the ball over the top to the front 3. Squad: Tactics: Table: Got Watkins and Eze coming in next season. Looking at CB's, GK, RB, a ST and a DLP and playing Phillips as the MEZ.
  3. I play this formation with Dortmund, I took over end of the first season after they finished 5th, miles off Leverkusen who won the league. After reading various threads on here (Ozil's Cruyff, and such) and stuff on Conte/Poch I decided to try this out. My style is completely different to yours, we usually have 50% possession but the front 3 are great for me and I rarely concede, I think Horn has 22 clean sheets in 28 league games. I've lost 1 league game of 28, drawn 4. My front 3 are Dembele as AF, and Reus SS, then a rotation of players in AM Sup. Dembele has over a goal a game in the league and Reus has the around 15 goals and 15 assists. The way I play I've found Dembele having tries to beat offside trap PPM the main reason he has that many goals. He's offside a lot in games but he usually gets at least one chance 1 on 1 a game. And someone playing SS from AM strata that can dribble is key also, Sancho plays there when Reus is fatigued and is equally as good. Quality Wing backs with the ball are also key to the formation, I have Moreno on the left and retrained Brozovic to play RWB and have them to stay wide when we have the ball so it opens up space for the front 3. I find that the AP-S does well, he doesnt get loads of assists but he is usually around the box finding the front 3 or finds the WB either side, I prefer playing with a CM-D and changing the PIs to suit the role, a BWM-D looked poor for me and didnt really do much in attack. I dont have too many TIs so it usually plays like 1 flat 5 at the back in defence unless their wide player has the ball then the wing back closes down and it shifts to a flat back 4.
  4. Had a good first season, Mandzukic was very good upfront, Muller and Javi Martinez were the other highlights. Won the League by 7 points, won the German Cup and got to the semi final of the Champions League. Going to get rid of some of the high earners next season, Gustavo broke his leg and his attributes have dropped quite a lot and they haven't gone up since he's come back, Gomez didn't really impress and not bothered about keeping Ribery, Robben, Dante or Boateng. Definitely looking at new CBs but undecided whether I want Martinez in CB or DM, he averaged an 8 rating in his 10 games at CB.
  5. Just got sacked mid December after losing 2-1 to Southampton, we were 3 points off top with a game in hand. :| **** that.
  6. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/323294-FM-13-West-Bromwich-Albion-F.C-Boing-Boing
  7. In the Championship, just spent 17M on Nick Powell, no biggie.
  8. When I joined on January 1st they were 12th and I lost my first game 5-1 with about 8 senior players. After I brought players in we went on a great run of wins, bar 2 late Walsall goals, ending up in the Playoff Final against Hartlepool where I was without Will Hughes because I didn't realise he was away with England U19s but my 45K signing McGinn scored the winner in first half stoppage time. Transfers Squad League Table Results
  9. Created a new manager and took over on January 1st, given a lovely transfer budget of 14M. Only had about 8 senior players so I spent all of it, mostly on 3 players (Will Hughes, Jake Kean & Adam Smith).
  10. Might have to retire my manager and take over Portsmouth. hahahaha
  11. Finished top scorer in the PL, not bad for £6K a week.
  12. Just start a game on classic with Barca and sim to January 1st.
  13. Squad is easily good enough to get promoted. Only need back up on the wings and a striker in January.
  14. Use the iTunes toolbar if you have W7.
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