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  1. That’s not true? A short term loan is up to 93 days, this is a loan until the end of the season. Crystal Palace signed Batshuyai in January and he was on the squad after the January update. Same way Nketiah won’t be on the Leeds squad after the update, Augustin will. Why would it be any different.
  2. Had a good first season. Didn't make any first team signings. Defence was really solid, mainly built around the CM's getting the ball over the top to the front 3. Squad: Tactics: Table: Got Watkins and Eze coming in next season. Looking at CB's, GK, RB, a ST and a DLP and playing Phillips as the MEZ.
  3. I play this formation with Dortmund, I took over end of the first season after they finished 5th, miles off Leverkusen who won the league. After reading various threads on here (Ozil's Cruyff, and such) and stuff on Conte/Poch I decided to try this out. My style is completely different to yours, we usually have 50% possession but the front 3 are great for me and I rarely concede, I think Horn has 22 clean sheets in 28 league games. I've lost 1 league game of 28, drawn 4. My front 3 are Dembele as AF, and Reus SS, then a rotation of players in AM Sup. Dembele has over a goal a game in the
  4. Just put loads of spaces before the full stop to get 10 characters.
  5. You need to be whitelisted before you can get on anyway.
  6. This texture pack is the best: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/294862-%E2%98%85-16x-16-ai-pack-over-8k-dls-now-with-maps-trapdoors-and-grass-%E2%98%85/ Similar look to the default but better cobblestone, glass, ores and tools.
  7. I found diamonds earlier. Need to find a decent place to dig somewhere.
  8. Havent heard anything blow up since I've been on.
  9. The Earth map is amazing.
  10. http://i.imgur.com/kVXaxh.jpg Trap doors are amazing, Next I want gates though.
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