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  1. Hi All, I'm doing one of those usual "start in the lowest league and get to the top league" kind of games with the new (and great!) FM 2017. The introduction to the match is a bit.....unrealistic for lower leagues. The intro consists of both teams walking out of the "tunnel" and lining up to what appears to be a photo op or to sing the national anthem. Now; correct me if I am wrong, but would a semi-professional team with a 3,000 capacity (150 standing) stadium even have a tunnel? And more to the point would both teams even line up in a line to be applauded by the dozens of fans? Edit cos i forgot a point. The dugouts are also MASSIVE.
  2. I decided to stick with it. After pre-season they kept me in. Now I'm going to have to scour the earth for players.
  3. At the very beginning of the pre-season a consortium is currently taking over my club. Apparently they're looking to replace me, which still hasn't been resolved. I don't think they will but.... Half of my first team players who have been let go due to contract expiry (they weren't that good) have now gone, and start of the pre-season is when I replace them with other free transfers (League 1 club) So now I am left with this First team: Now I can't buy anything! This is going to screw my season up massively.
  4. in 2019 he's currently playing for Dortmund and has 2 Belgian caps.
  5. Very good point. No one at the club will like the star player to leave, so I need to make sure he goes for a good chunk of cash.
  6. I had a player before that - Mike Vale. I did something similar actually. Sold him for 4m to Chelsea with 1m after 10 league apps and another 1m after 1 international app and got him on loan for the rest of the season. He's now on loan at Hull doing pretty well! http://i.gyazo.com/6e59e688e50e24508dafd908a8bcf8a5.png I think I'll have to let him go, I am getting plenty of interest from top prem teams so I could pull the same trick to keep me floating for another few seasons. I'll admit i never really look at the addons in contracts. I expect I really should start, especially things like appearence fees and unused sub fees etc. Thanks for the advice!
  7. If you asked Steam to install the game, it should usually check local media for the content. BTW, I suggest before you do anymore reinstalls to backup steam - makes it so much easier
  8. If i remember correctly isnt the last stage of youth facilities a massive cost? like 5-6m? Or does it differ on the club?
  9. Here's the Salary Per Annum stats: http://i.gyazo.com/8cf656d08074b9690ad1c0b6f8cf2183.png
  10. He's only on 4.5k so thats just over 10%. I agree 10% wage budget is a lot for a single player, and I could get 2 good players for his price, but I just can't part ways with him yet.
  11. Thanks for the replies guys, I am under my compliment of staff members, yet when I try and hire any more it says i don't need any more staff members. I actually have a premier league quality DC in my squad, got him from a lower league club in Ireland, he's now top quality but still only worth 180k. I have him for another 2 seasons, he's holding my team up at present though so I can't really sell him. I wouldn't want to part ways with him for less than 10m as he is very top quality, pic: http://i.gyazo.com/f080c934ce252df772c4534b8c03f8af.png
  12. Remember the stars are relevant to the scouts JP/JA attribute. So always bear that in mind
  13. Hi Guys, I am currently managing Eastleigh in my from "bottom to top" game. It's now 2018/2019 and I am in my 6th season with this tiny little team currently struggling in League One after getting promoted 3 times from Skrill South. Now my issues are: Tiny Stadium VERY low wage budget Extremely large management (I've got about 6 directors?) I have been given the green light for more Coaches (currently have 4) but then they get cancelled as the board don't think I need any more STAFF MEMBERS, not coaches. I have 1 chairman and 6 directors - What am I supposed to do here? Apparently the stadium is at its expansion capacity at a giddy 5,000, and as such we are struggling financially due to not enough ticket sales revenue. I can understand their lack of wanting to build another one, but what's this expansion capacity? Surely there is scope to demolish a stand and rebuild it? I've been given a hefty (1m) transfer budget but even by sliding it all the way to wages All I've got is 40k/month to spend. I obviously want to bring in free transfers and bargains, but they need the wages to back them up. The wage budget request is always greyed out. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am currently surviving by bringing in loanees, but even then the wage contributions are limiting the quality of player I can bring in even through loans! My parent club (Tottenham) won't give me any young players of any merit (why would I want silver starred players?)
  14. Many professional footballers now have 2 separate contracts, one for wages, and one related to the use of their image rights. Very big issue nowadays with tax implications for the player as image rights more often than not are from a company based in a tax haven. Idea would be players with the top end of the "famousness" scale - I can't remember the name of the hidden attribute should unlock more negotiations with relation to the club being able to use the player's image rights. Branching off from this could be more financial threads of income coming from the image rights based off these negotiations (perhaps with further implications of missing training days due to things like photoshoots and personal appearances??)
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