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  1. 64-bit executable. Because it's 2012 and some madmen with computers the worth of a car want to run their ridiculous multi-league simulations. Other maniacs would like to play their games for 60 game years without encountering a memory barrier. And it's good for you too! You could use the extra RAM... for something! Dynamic marking instructions during (or before) the match. Individual marking right now is a pain in the ass, and that's a thing real managers do a lot. Like when Mourinho tells Pepe: "break Messi's legs!" Before the match it could be like this - you got the 2 teams shown on a board and you're dragging your players onto opposing players. Simple as that. PA/CA should go. There should be more to player development than two values, base stats and random increases. In the end, everything is getting improved equally, which is bad. Club facilities and staff shouldn't just raise the increase chance in every cycle. Accidental preferred moves could also happen, not just the "inborn" ones. While we're on that, regens rarely have any moves. Marking all news as read. Unless I'm blind, you can only mark news as unread, I would never, ever do such a thing. But I sometimes want to do the opposite!
  2. Most glaring - near post corner crossing. The exploit which can increase your lone striker's haul up to 60 goals a season. Less glaring: Weird shots, like when a player receives a ball behind him, or gets it to feet and goes back by himself, and then suddenly turns around and scores a goal from 20 afar. Shoots free kicks with power - this move always triggers, and if the FK is near the box, it always hits the wall.
  3. That's interesting, because my experience is different. I have found my deep lying forward to be completely useless, despite great stats (average speed though; no names, it's a game 'from the bottom', now in Premier League, almost whole my team consists of regens), so I sent him on paid loan to Roma. With 2 quick poachers set to change positions, one of them being set as target man with run onto ball, drill crosses and generally quick game style, they are the foundation of my offensive tactic. One match, I had one of the poachers score 3 goals and 1 assist, the other recording 3 assists and 1 goal. It happens often - one of them giving assists to the other. I only made one change to the default poacher settings - changed through balls from 'rarely' to 'sometimes'. If I struggle, I change to the tactic with 1 poacher and 2 DMs.
  4. Stop misleading people with the very high match preparation. I don't know where this myth came from, but once your tactics are fluid, you can decrease it to very low and just change the focus to whatever is important for your next game. Focus adds bonus attributes to your players. The amount is independent from the match prep intensity.
  5. No, I was referring to the earlier discussion, look up the previous posts. In short, they're complaining, that after a while the tactic stops working so well, the AI adjusts (which is good, in my opinion!), or that they get some terrible morale drop, which, tbh, is probably their fault, because I have never found morale to be hard to handle. In fact, it's too easy. @Zigi: it's the tactic from this thread. I did make a few changes, like allowing the AMC to try long shots sometimes, as my AMC excels at it, and I made my own set pieces (which is a matter of preference). The tactic with one more AMC - I didn't test it thoroughly. I'm not sure what role should that striker play. I thought of defensive forward, as I were curious to check how such forward would work in action. In the 3 matches it worked badly, partly because I don't have a player with good stats for that and they're hard to come by.
  6. @Filke: The new one from that other thread has marginal changes, so it's not much of a difference. OK, here's the promised post and a picture. Right click & open image to view full size. I was an inch from the title. The 0-0 draw with Fulham saw my team waste 9 clear cut chances, the draws with Tottenham and Sunderland were winnable too. Ipswich match was some weird disaster. On the other hand, I could've easily lost the first match against ManU and the second match against Liverpool. Well, that's football, you can never underestimate luck, both in the game and in real life! I like how the game flows here - the quick kind of football, with wingers scoring quite a lot. Reminds me of ManU. On the other hand, I'm a bit disappointed with the AMC. As for the claims, that is is not realistic, that a tactic does not win 100%. Excuse me, but I call bull****. A tactic like that is an exploit and an AI that wouldn't adjust would be super-dumb. In my game ManU plays with that weird tactic with lots of AM. I struggled in the first half of my first match, but then I changed focus to passing down both flanks and increased width - it was much better. All in all, a solid tactic. Thanks, Magico!
  7. Three things make me wonder - it's a counter attack tactic, yet counter attack is not ticked. Why is tackling set to "more cautious"? And the funny detail - playmaker is ticked, but nobody's chosen. So far it's working for me, btw. I adjusted the set pieces and I'm testing an offensive variant, with one more striker instead of one DM. When the season is over, I'll post here. Hopefully, I won't go on a losing spree in the meantime
  8. After a few seasons I had decided to enable generated faces for players, then skimmed through my players. There were some surprises, but this... guy (?) from Hong Kong beats them all. I present you, Ariel the Merm... I mean Arvel Maclaren! I still can't decide - is it hair dye, a wig, or maybe his head is on fire?
  9. Ok, that makes sense. Go check out the tactics upload/download section. Some of the 'master tacticians' there often stress, sometimes using a font this big, that it is crucial to keep the match preparation high for the tactic to work. I felt that's nonsense and thanks for reassuring me.
  10. Match preparation - some people claim, that once you reach fluid on everything, it can be set to very low, as the intensity doesn't have any influence on the match performance. Others tell the opposite, some of them advising to keep it at very high throughout the season. Who's right? Is there any hard evidence what exactly does this setting do? Oo
  11. - Adjusted general player progression and production of newgens in in-active nations. - Adjusted randomisation of newgen mental attributes at creation Sounds promising. Would you, please, elaborate on that? - Adjusted Greek sponsorships. Somehow, this made me laugh
  12. Should I train strikers in defending? Right now I am not and their tackling/marking is gradually dropping. Thus the question basically is - how important are those attributes for strikers? Oo
  13. Does anyone else hate the fact that most regens share the same "skill set" and half of them are set pieces specialists?
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