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  1. Good read. I look forward to seeing how this develops. What kind of screen shots will you be posting?
  2. Good start in May and unlucky in the cup.
  3. Good league finish and well done on the cup win. Good luck for next season.
  4. I hate work permits. But we have to have them.
  5. Lol. What an idiot.
  6. I would dislike it. Maybe if there was an option it would be better, so you have the choice whether to see them or not.
  7. Good luck. I'll be following this with interest as it is right up my street. I've had about five seasons of Icelandic experience with FH. (Can't type there full name, too hard)
  8. Good read and I'm liking the style your using. Looking forward to seeing this progress.
  9. Nice formation. I'm gonna try it myself later tonight. Thanks.
  10. Great going so far, are you going to post a league table at the end of it?
  11. Look forward to reading more. At least you'll always have money too spend.
  12. I was sacked after being relegated with Bolton from the EPL.
  13. Nice career at Chelsea. Shame you couldn't have won the league a few more times.
  14. Great start. Never really tried the Russian Premier League properly. Might have a little go when I get bored of my Pohang save.