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  1. There is no limit I have ran every league on the game (fm18) with classens megapack and it did not crash even though it took about 2 hours to process a month, If you have an old machine though or low processing power or ram it will probably crash if you go berserk and load too many players or leagues
  2. 'bites opposition players occasionally' 'attempts bicycle kicks inside own area' 'does not track back' 'has a smoke at half time'
  3. ya was gonna say there is a blank one on steam workshop
  4. Ya i'm pretty amazed how well the game is normalizing so to speak from no players at all to over 120,000 players generated together within a season. player values stats and squads, I'm gonna check the transfers when i get to july as none of the team data was edited only staff and players removed.
  5. only 7 months and his value still shooting up to a more sensible figure ( from 2mill to over 50 mill ) in feb 2009 atm (old i5 sounds like it's gonna die lol) 7 months after the first players in the major European leagues were generated and same pattern happening across the board values sky rocketing to a truer value and physical stats especially stamina strength improving on even the older regens after training and matches
  6. Ya being to easy and having huge transfer budgets when players everywhere are hugely under market value for there stats and ability is an issue was hoping someone might have some suggestions in how this could be balanced out
  7. Yes at end of first season gonna load up genie scout and check out the world class talent to see if there is enough of it Yes could be interesting seeing teams like hadjuk split, red star and auxerre have a truck load of high value 15 16 year olds with higher transfer values than the older squad players The epl has much higher values at start than other leagues even though the elite clubs like man utd barca bayern juve ect all have generated some over 25yr old players and look similar in abilty around the 150-160 ability (as seenabove in screenshots) no players over 29 were generated either via the add/remove league option
  8. Yes on average the top european teams each had 2-3 world class players even though there transfer value did not reflect the stats After a months game time and training after they became generated into the game from the add remove league option there values shot up from like 1-2 mill to 6-8 mill i'm holidaying it for a season with every european league loaded on the add/remove league option so there is a huge fake world gonna see how it looks did you use a blank db when you tried it?
  9. A few other players generated using this method from good European teams but not elite ones.
  10. Few things I noticed so far though even the top teams only have a few foriegners generated per squad and the values are a little skewed can imagine they shoot up after games and a couple of seasons though.
  11. This is awesome it does truly generate more realistic players using this method after adding/remove league first season on a blank database. Instead of holidaying 20 odd years to have a completely fake generated game world Using FM2018 btw pretty sure this world work on any other version for anyone wanting a completely fake generated game world
  12. Gonna check out other squads looking at Barcelona and real madrid so far the value of the players is low but some of there stats are really good
  13. Old thread I know! The only way I figured out how to get a completely random player db with no semi fake players or ones just renamed Is you use a blank db which you can download (so there is no track or trace of previous players in the original db) Then first season load a crappy league like wales holiday it 1 season then use the add/remove league feature and it generates much more realistic standard players than it does if you tick use fake player option when creating a new game. I'm using this right now and there are some very decent players generated with good stats for the top teams which was the issue when loading fake players from scratch on a blank db previously ( e.g regenerated players for man utd for example all looked like div 1/2 standard players) this is not the case when it generates squads from the add/remove league feature much higher standard quality players in the top leagues and the lower leagues also have really crappy ones as it should be :-)
  14. April/May 2016 Wow!!!! What a Start to the Season Unbeaten in the league after 10 games and a suprising cup success see's us lift the trophy in a smash and grab victory against strong favourites BATE. pic hosting photo sharing sites Followed 4 days later with an even more impressive smash and grab victory in the league at BATE. online photo sharing Results photo sharing websites League Table image ru The board are still moaning about the style of football we are playing as it is not attacking enough!!!! but I do not care we are getting results and look so solid defensively I would be mad to change the philosophy at present. free image hosting The youth team conveyor belt also keeps on rolling !!!! Introducing Mytnik and Akulich picture hosting image sharing
  15. Yep they are high, minimum expectation is Europa League qualification this season with a very raw young squad gonna be very difficult. Especially when I have been told I have to rely on youth and they cut my wage budget too due to debt (350pw is the max I can offer a player now) Still stuck with a 1500 stadium aswell it is practically impossible to get any money into the club. I could sell some players but I have no decent replacements coming through at the moment so I am gonna see how this season goes.
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