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  1. I was just wondering the reasoning behing having all Awards set to the native language of their correlating leagues. i.e Serie A awards in Italian and La Liga Awards in Spanish etc? I have attached photos for reference. Is there a way of changing them all to English language so that i can understand them.... barring me taking a few intesive language courses simultaneously I'm guessing i might have to edit them all individually in the Awards.inc file which will be arduous. Cheers for your help in advance
  2. Ok, i want to try and implement this in my game. But i'm concerned that i could ruin it. Looking at the current nation transfer preferences i see that, for example England only have Australia and Germany set in their prefernces and no continent settings. Spain don't have Brazil, Argentina or South America in their preferences These are a couple of examples but there are many that confuse me. Do you have any knowledge on this? If i wanted to make the game harder by increasing the buying power and scope of the big nation clubs how would i go about doin
  3. Transfer preferences! Interesting.. what exactly do you do regarding this?
  4. Niiice! 1988.... the start of the greatest title race in English history! Gooner
  5. With the new season upon us i have started editing to incorporate the new transfers, promotions relegations etc. This year i have decided to tinker with the editor in order to create a more enjoyable and in some cases a more realistic game. So far i have: - Increased all top managers intelligence (Judging ability & potential, buying players, tactics etc) -Increased patience of all chairman and owners to try and give more time to new managers and old alike (seeing Klopp win ther league, then finish 4th the season after and get sacked has always irked me) -increased all n
  6. ok great thanks. i ddn't realise there was a search option in textedit while viewing the file. i still can't find it but i'm sure i will. Thanks for your help
  7. Great, thats what i wanted to know. How do i go about editing the .inc file? as once i open it with a txt editor i can't see details of league names etc?
  8. I would like to change competition names of various leagues. (Sky Bet League One to League One, Serie A TIM to Serie A etc etc) I have all the competition name fix .inc files in place and utilise 8 editor files for all the other fixes. when I change the competition name in my personal data editor file it does not translate to the game. is this because I have to do it in all 8 editor files or because the completion name change.inc file is in place in the folder structure? whats the best way to go about changing the comp names please?
  9. Evening all, I would like to know if the following is possible. In FM20 I have an editor database that I have edited severely. I want to copy some players that I have created in that one to a fresh database. Is this do-able? Cheers
  10. What I did was to use the existing Premier League Awards and edit them to work for my league. It seems to work. But the weird thing is that even though the editor data file uses my new league names, when I first load a new career up it displays the original premier league award names. Once I save and reload the game the names revert to what I have changed them too. What could be the reason for this?
  11. I just did that as I understood what you were getting at. Still caused the same issue.
  12. its from fm20. the file has all be modified by me. Then I just load it up alongside the files that fix the competition, club names etc
  13. right, this is weird! when I saved the game where I thought all the award names were fine, the next time I loaded it up they were gone again. I thought I was going mad so started a new career and went on holiday. I have attached a photo of that game before It has been saved and one when it is saved and re-loaded. As soon as I save and reload the game the award names go missing? have you any idea what could be causing this?
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