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  1. TheMister

    Balancing squad evolution

    I don't think there's a clear answer to your question. Variables in the new players could cause problems of their own. For example you bring in a Mexican, a South African, and a Japanese - all of whom have low professionalism; or a Brit and two central Europeans, all of whom have high professionalism and generally good personalities. It's easy to see how both sets of players will gel into your squad, or not. The best advice I could give is to check your squad gelling and morale (via your assistant) at any time you need to perform surgery on the personnel, and that'll give you an idea as to how far you can go.
  2. I often wonder if the default formation for the club has any impact on your intake.
  3. I tried Uncle Sams 4222 with Botafogo and we were runner-up in the opening and closing phases of the Rio championship, got to the quarter final of the cup, and were performing a bit better than average in the league after about 8 games. I restarted and tried a similar formation based on Uncles thoughts (short passing, focus down both flanks, etc) but with my own ideas of roles and duties. We won the state championship, and got to the final of the cup, but performed slightly below average in the league this time. So I gave both tries a fair chance. Personally I'd say the 4222 has limitations, although purely because of constraints in FM. If I was faced by a team playing with 2 wide players on each side then extra cover had to be found - I tried ignoring it, hoping to play my own game; but it was unsuccessful. Extra cover had to be found from somewhere. Ideally that should come from the centre backs but it can't (IMO anyway. FM can't implement the method effectively). The DMs can cover the additional wide players fine, but when you combine that with the MCs on attack duty it just introduced a weakened area in front of the defence for the AI to exploit. And the MCs are too advanced to effectively cover the wide players. That's all just my experience though. I'm going to try some description of 532 in the second half of the Serie A campaign. It's been interesting and fun trying out the 4222 for a change, but it's not for me and now I want to try another new (for me) formation.
  4. Do you mean you're playing '12 or using that set-up in '11? This thread is for '11 right? Or am I confused? LOL.
  5. @ Uncle Your thinking has taken quite a leap since you're FM11 ideas. Big changes I've noticed are in philosophy, strategy, creative freedom, closing down and the role of a DMC. But unless I've missed it, you've not said here how you're getting on now. I'd expect some tinkering with a new game, but that seems like quite a shift. I'm curious because I've just adopted the 4222 on FM11, as you know, but I'm keen to know of any benefits with your new thinking. Things going OK, better, worse?
  6. Thank you David. Actually, having slept on it, I'm definitely going to give the 532 a go; I'll come back to the 4222 if it doesn't work out for me. Regarding the volante - in the FM11 editor 7 managers show as preferring a 532, with 5 of those using the 'Serbia and Montenegro' version, which is 2 MCs and a DMC. With that in mind I'd like to start with a DMC, but it's such a seamless transition to the the 3 MCs you used that I imagine it'll happen at some point. Anecdotally, I've experienced 3 MCs coping with opposition wide players better than 2 - so advincing the DMC might be a tweak if I ever do encounter a team playing with 2 wide players on each flank.
  7. @ Uncle I've still not chosen a formation, although I'm probably going to start with the 4222. However, I have a suspicion that the 532 or 4312 will better deal with opposition who play with both full/wing backs AND wide midfielders/wingers - do you find that to be the case? Secondly, the 532 below. Can you confirm the meias are on the MC strata and not the AMC one? And I see you've posted roles/duties for the other formations but not this one. I know most of the positions will be similar, but then again some aren't - could you give me an indication please. Thank you.
  8. Why oh why have I not seen your 4222 threads before! Fantastic. I'm still on FM11 with no urge to change to '12. With Rangers in the EPL my results were very average with an 'ad hoc' formation I wanted to try out (I'm going through an 'unusual formation' stage at the moment). Thought I'd try a 4222 with the DMs moving out instead of the DCs - after a bright start it went totally pear-shaped; it's been fun though. After scanning your threads I can see several places my ideas were wrong. I've been toying with the idea of a Botafogo save for a few weeks now, with a 4222 or some kind of 3 at the back. I can see me giving it a go after I've read your posts in more detail. What always puts me off going to Brazil is the old complaints about the state championships - more to do with meeting the same teams an increased number of times during the season. But really, they're a great testing ground for the younger players. KUTGW Sam.
  9. TheMister

    The MLS - Where Stars Go To End Their Career

    Good thread with lots of helpful information. One thing I've not seen mentioned is the cap being raised. SI said it was going to be increased with inflation (Australian league too, IRC), yearly I think, but does anyone know if that has been implemented?
  10. I'm not getting '12 until the last patch for a change, so I'm going to start something. I normally load half a dozen leagues, but I'm thinking of loading 12-15 and moving to a new club every year, without ever buying players! LOL. Just a bit of fun until February. I'll see.
  11. Yeah, that was pretty bad - you were in poor form, but not catastrophic; you should've been given more time to turn it around mate. I played a full season with Harstad in Norway (I've always wanted to play as a team in yellow LOL) and did well - 3rd with a media prediction of 7th r 8th. But I just couldn't get into it for some reason and abandoned it.
  12. No problem. You can now enjoy managing Bologna, PSG and 1860 munich. One thing - I wouldn't change anything in the kits and colours section other than the text. Sometimes you even see 1st/2nd/3rd kits with no shorts or two types of sock or something like that. I tried changing kit details in FM10 and it didn't appreciate it - used to come up with odd combinations in the game, nothing like I had saved. Stick to text colours and it'll be fine.
  13. TheMister

    [Discussion Thread] Managing into the unknown...

    OK, wasn't sure if that could be done. Up to SI to code it out the box or make provision in the editor then.
  14. Yeah. Go to the kits and the text option are there. I experience the exact same as you. When I start in a country I've not played before I go through the teams and change the text colours for better contrast and then save as an XML; those can then be loaded as required in the future. I find blue and red particularly bad.