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  1. this is gr8 i was just wondering can i make Gibraltaria a non fifa member so the national team dosent play in any comps
  2. sounds good have you replaced a national team and will this work with the 10.1 patch
  3. this looks soooooo gud why cudnt SI make top skins like this oh wait they used to ha ha WOW using this now BEST SKIN EVER THANK YOU
  4. hershie m8 this is awsome work but it keeps crashing around nov in my game is it somthing i am doing wrong
  5. sorry to ask could any 1 email me an XML file with Joel Santana replaced by carlos alberto perrias just to see if works thanks
  6. MUFC i think i have a bug in my game as i can do what you say but when i go to check the changes i have made IE getting rid of Joel Santana from South Africa and relpacing him it gets rid ov him but doesnt replace him with the manager i selcted every national team does the same
  7. can anyone help me i am having the same problem as on the Previous page. I can’t seem to load any changes I have made to the database all I want to do is change some national manages and can’t even do that. anyhelp or advice would be great i hate you SI
  8. I think it’s just me but am sick of the same leagues, I never manage in England or any of the top countries ie Spain, Italy, so am glad SI has decided to add this editor as without it FM10 is just a snazzy update with a few new features. Leagues I want Andorra, New Zealand, Wales but with more than 1 division, more French amateur leagues and playable to.
  9. Anyone remember when sub premiership goalkeepers wore no 13 and now it seems they all wear no 12
  10. I would also like to see the use of training camps. Also if you are a lower league team i would like to hold say an open day for free players to come along and play a friendly game. and a great touch would be if Glenn Hoddle's football academy was on the game
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