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  1. Afraid I don't meet that quota. Am out as a trans man now and use he/him pronouns.
  2. So with the tension in the Nexus, what are the odds they'll break up and as Cena only has to obey Barrett because "the team takes direction from Barrett" he doesn't have to anymore? :/
  3. There are too many random rocks just sitting in the middle of caves. It's driving my OCD crazy. And when I make one cave look presentable another one comes along.
  4. I think you make a trail of redstone from the pressure pad/switch to the door in question, which can be no further away from the door than 15 blocks.
  5. Doesn't make sense to me. The whole show has Kane pasted all over it and almost everyone would really like to see him get another big push. Whereas Mysterio injured Taker in the first place... Where the hell is the logic in building up Kane and having Rey-Rey chop him down?
  6. Does anyone else feel Big Show's character has changed too fast? Two weeks ago he was a first rate heel, hanging with the Miz, slagging off the fans, and waltzing around with the Tag Team titles slung over his shoulders. Then he punches out a couple of heels, and is suddenly a face... Oh dear. :/ However, I really like the Big Show's new character, even if it seems to have been forced on him somewhat. I wanted Ziggler to win his match, seeing how hard he's worked over the past few months. He deserves something at this stage. Even before the second match, it was obvious Christian was going to
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