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  1. Instead of rejecting the offer, negotiate it up to the highest you can. It's worked for me as they withdraw and leave me alone for a bit.
  2. Sounds obvious, but after ticking the 'change' box, do you then click 'Continue'?
  3. Delete the 'config' file and the pop-up box will appear when you click 'New Game'.
  4. Scott, when you click 'New Game' a pop-up box should appear. Within that box, tick the box marked 'change'. You'll be taken to another screen that will allow you to select your database add-ons.
  5. If the pop up box does not appear go into the Editor and delete the config file. Restart your computer and the pop up box should start appearing.
  6. You need to save your edited database add-on as something OTHER than config in the file that comes up when you click 'Save As...'. Once you've done that, then see if the pop up box appears when you click 'New Game'.
  7. You are loading the edited add-on file, yes? When you click 'New Game' a pop up box should appear, where you tick a box marked 'change'. This takes you to a screen listing your database add-ons, and you can pick which you want to be included in your game.
  8. If you're struggling to stay in the black, then a new stadium won't be built, as that'll put you far into debt. The answer to your question is yes, a second stadium can be built, but no, not in your situation.
  9. I haven't had much experience of crash dumps, but you could delete the edited file you created and create it again, as there might have been some files that got corrupted along the way. You could also try all the crash dump fixes that are scattered throughout the forum.
  10. To get the database add-on available in game, save the edited file as something other than config. Don't merge or save over any existing files. Click 'New Game' and a pop up box should appear. Tick the 'change' box and you'll be taken to a screen where all your edited database add-ons are listed. Tick the one(s) you wanted included in the game and continue.
  11. In the Editor? You change his loyalty. If you want him to stay with your club for a long time, make it a high number. If you want him to sell up, make it a low number. Are you getting the pop up box when you click 'New Game'? It feels like I'm on my own in here having questions thrown at me.
  12. No problem, mate. I saw the lack of responses in this thread and wanted to answer someone if I could.
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