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  1. Instead of rejecting the offer, negotiate it up to the highest you can. It's worked for me as they withdraw and leave me alone for a bit.
  2. Sounds obvious, but after ticking the 'change' box, do you then click 'Continue'?
  3. Delete the 'config' file and the pop-up box will appear when you click 'New Game'.
  4. Scott, when you click 'New Game' a pop-up box should appear. Within that box, tick the box marked 'change'. You'll be taken to another screen that will allow you to select your database add-ons.
  5. I believe it's that the rules are set so any player recieving two yellow cards will be banned, whereas it's four? irl.
  6. If you suggested it a few hours ago you could have done it by now.
  7. Someone explained how to fix the French players earlier in thread. And yeah, you can, you just need to recreate the league. If you want to play badly enough, there is a way.
  8. Then that is almost certainly your problem. Load up the Czech league and see if you get him.
  9. He's got a large database and it stands to logic that he's loaded the league the player's in.
  10. I believe this has been discussed and a conclusion reached in the Man Utd thread in the Data Issues forum.
  11. He didn't mean it like, mate. For the hotfix issues, you can edit these things in the Editor so you can start a new game. If you're okay with using the Editor, you don't have to wait for the patch.
  12. I have not in previous versions and I haven't started playing this year's yet. The right researches in the Data forum will be able to help you as they will know him.
  13. You should place this in the Data Issues forum, as it's more likely to be looked at there.
  14. No need to be rude. The same answer probably applies to both problems.
  15. Hmm, I remember this thread from last year. I hope your maths has improved since then, amer.