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  1. I would make a few changes/additions to the team: Goalkeeper: Fraser Forster or Artur Boruc Right Back: Didier Agathe Left Back/WingBack/Midfield: Alan Thompson Centre Back: Bobby Murdoch Centre Mid: Paul McStay, Stillian Petrov, Neil Lennon Wingers: Aiden McGeady, Attacking Midfield: Lubo Moravcik Strikers: Kenny Dalglish (Guess he'll be Liverpool though) Brian McClair Our main two eras have been Jock Stein and Martin O'Neil
  2. He didn't get the player at a lower price until the AI made the bid at a much lower price than his initial bid, so I am agreeing with him.
  3. I agree with this! I find any player I want, even after unsettling and coming back later, will still need a higher bid than when the AI want a player.
  4. :lol: thanks took me a while to find something I liked
  5. Any criticism is good, trust me, it helps me learn. I've only just started but it is something I'm interested in and I don't take criticism negatively, so it's something I'll try work on thanks.
  6. Hi, So I have started writing my own blog on the world cup and wanted to share it, see if I could get opinions/comments etc. Thanks for anyone who reads it and even more so if anyone takes an interest. My Blog
  7. No bother, that's when I'm going to look at continuing it, got a lot of studying to do this week.
  8. No problem mate, just let me know, unlucky about going down as well
  9. Thanks, and I want the old cm/fm's but I have a mac and can't get them to work on that
  10. So I am creating a database [already posted in editor's hideaway, just looking for help] for the 01-02 season in Scotland. I will need help with coaching staff and finances for the clubs. I can find squad lists fine but might need help creating some players, like how good they were etc. Any help would be great, here's the thread.
  11. I'm making a database for the 01-02 season in Scotland, might do other teams/leagues but want the SPL done first. Any help would be great, I can find squad lists but struggling to find coaching staff, and finances. I also may need help with some players that I have to remake, at the moment I have completed Aberdeen but stuck with 2 players (Derek Whyte and Calum Bett). I am now doing Celtic and will carry on from there.
  12. Doesn't matter I found it, had to search for the league on the normal database instead of the nation rules.
  13. So I've downloaded an additional league so I can have a better world challenge, and when I load the league, it comes up error, "Third division has wrong level set, should be 3." So I have the editor and load it up, but I don't know how to find how to change it as I haven't really used the editor before. Any help would be great. I have loaded up the editor and loaded the Ivory Coast editor data. Thanks for any help I get.