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  1. I know that there are summaries after a match I think it might still be useful to have the match commentary available to review issues with the team's performance. BIG +1 for 1, 2, 4 and 5!
  2. Looking forward to seeing what these 'Enhanced Tactics' will involve.
  3. Sad to hear, I guess I'll wait for next year's version to buy a new instalment.
  4. Have the options for tactics and player tasks been improved? The "more realistic 2D Match Engine allows you to better analyse your team’s performance on the field" would seem to be pointless unless we have an update in that area.
  5. Loan status bug? I came back to the game at the weekend and decided to loan my younger players out. However after offering the players out to clubs I noted that when I looked at their transfer status they were not listed as being available for loan? This is on the iPhone 4.
  6. On a few of yours points: - The friendlies I mentioned earlier in the thread; especially annoying if pre-season ones are cancelled and it's not possible sort out a replacement! - I think financials are visible in a couple of places; it's definitely available in discussion with the board where it's possible to re-balance the transfer versus wages budget; - If you mean setting them to reserves then it is possible but selecting the player and then action iirc; - I wish we could set runs too; - I wish we could set player instructions too. @Alari: Is there a changelog somewhere for the updates?
  7. Substitutions do not appear consistently; this is in the iPhone version from a couple of days ago. I can see the change on the statistics page: http://imgur.com/PfVC88j However this does not show correctly on the Opposition Tactics page: http://imgur.com/yOsSCTu
  8. Thanks for the tip, the detailed view is much nbetter but it highlights an issue with the colour choice. The difference values on the right on my iPhone 4 are hard to differentiate; the light blue and green are too close in tone; perhaps one should be darkened? Regarding my idea perhaps it could be a new view option? Differences only? Also is it possible to the keep the last view choice when using comparison? It's a pain to always have to choose detailed at the moment. On another note when overwriting a tactic, why is the tactic name not filled out after I select an existing save before I confirm? Plus I might normally expect a warning to say I'm overwriting? Finally, is it issuable to arrange friendlies? One was cancelled in pre-season and I wanted to arrange a replacement but there's no option?
  9. Firstly, is the role displayed on the attribute screen the 'preferred' role of the player or the 'recommended' one? Secondly, is there any chance of simplifying the comparison screen? A scout recommended Zaha and compared him to Oxlade Chamberlain, I was then presented with a long list of paired attribute bars with for the players. Surely it would simpler to just present the standard attribute table but display the differences? The colours used in the existing screen would highlight which player has the positive difference. It would also appear on one screen and I would not have to scroll down on my iPhone.
  10. Certainly advice should be post match but half time feedback might be useful especially if there is no log of match events. In the old days one would keep an eye on match text commentary to see repeated events indicating an issue e.g. like certain players having too much space and taking regular shots etc.
  11. I guess you're right about setting runs but the player instructions wouldn't be fiddly since their just switches: On/Off or Many/Few/None in the example of 'Make forward runs' or 'Early crossing' or something. Thanks, it would also be helpful at half time to determine if there are weaknesses or strengths in the team's set up when using the old school text only commentary. I'm not sure which memory is being referred to here but I think only the last game's summary needs to be kept if it's the storage type.
  12. Were the tactics improved in 2013? The last version I played was 2012 on Android. I'd really love to have more tactical options i.e. individual player instructions e.g. make runs, some control of directions for runs, more fluidity in terms of tactical positioning. Also are match summaries in yet? To help determine if appeals should be made? All of this was in CM3.
  13. I think the main feature that I would like to see is an improvement in tactics; it's been the main one I've looked out for since the beginning. With the growth in popularity of football writers like Jonathan Wilson and Michael Cox the lack of options in FMH is frustrating. Even something along the lines of CM2 with the ability to set runs in addition to a bit more flexibility in player positions would be great.
  14. Medion

    Can't exit on 3.4a

    I think that having a 'Close' button mimic the back button functionality that Kaizen suggested would be sensible first step; obviously the app is just backgrounded but I wonder if the people complaining are referring to the app closing from the foreground or completely shutting down.
  15. Is this not already still in the game and the original selection system? Tap 1st player in the list on the right if in formation view followed by 2nd player and they will swap positions.