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  1. I'm doing the first one now, almost ruined Liverpool (all their players want to leave) and I'm about 1/4 through Arsenal. This is gonna be entertaining...
  2. What I'm about to do (Just setting up the game now) is buy awful players for millions, and do everything i can to make the 1st teamers happy. Release bad media comments, discipline them, never play them, and offer them to interested clubs for no money at all. Should be good, I would love to see Rooney's face when I transfer list him:D And I agree about what you said about them looking good on paper! I'll probably forget about it after telling everyone how fat Mike Ashley is.
  3. Hey, I've got two challenge idea's here, I've been thinking about them and want to know what you think! Fall From Grace The goal in this challenge is to take over the best four teams in any nation. (E.g, Man.Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool) and attempt to get them all relegated from the Premier. Obviously, this won't be possible in one season, so it should take two to get them all into the Championship. After you've wrecked their premiership career, you could try going all the way and getting them down to League 2, or even the BSP/ BSN/BSS. It would be interesting to see which clubs would come out top. And if you want, as an extra, once you have done that in England, move on to Italy or Spain, Germany, France or even Scotland. Your manager is bound to get sacked, so once they do, retire and start a new manager as manager of the club that sacked you. This will be quite hard, to wreck the top 4 completley. But I think that it would be quite pleasurable, especially if one of the top 4 is your rival club... The Glory of Youth Players In this challenge, feel free to take control of any club in any of the leagues- but I recommend teams with good youth systems (AC Milan, Arsenal, Ajax, Barcelona). Your board has been taken over by a very poor bussinesman, who cannot afford to give any transfer budget to the club. You cannot buy any new players If a club makes an offer for one of your players, you must sell them. You can only add to your first team squad with your youth players and reserves. The aim is to get your full squad full of your home-grown youth players. Because of the awkwardness in this challenge, if you are sacked you can retire then go back to that club. Please tell me if you will give these challenges a go, or if they are a good idea!
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