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  1. Youtube upload quality

    Main screen -> settings I believe. Where you enter the credentials for your account. Better set it to 1080p. 720 is hideously un-hd from the few videos I've uploaded.
  2. Training

    One bump in hopes of help before thread dies.
  3. Training

    I seem to be blind. Is there any way to adjust the training intensity of individual players? I'm not talking learning new preferred moves, or increasing specific attributes, or positions, or anything like that. I want them doing the team training, just at a different intensity. Say the team is at balanced/high week after week, but I want 2 specific players on balanced/average because the high workload is making them unhappy. Is this not possible, or am I blind? I can't find it
  4. I've uploaded a file to the crash folder, but I'm not convinced it's related to the crashes. I just get the usual "app has crashed" popup from windows, rather than the crash dump notices I was getting in the beta for crashes. File name is closecrashrhino.dmp It does crash every time - nothing specific I can note that would cause it. Win 7 Ultimate x64. Steam version of the game.
  5. Loving the game! However, anyone else noticing that 90% of your goals are from double or triple rebounds? I've scored exactly 1 clean goal out of the 15 or so I've scored. The rest tend to go off the woodwork, then off the keeper, and then in the net. Or some variation of thereof. Not a huge issue, but it seems a little silly that every goal is like that, whether kicking or heading.
  6. Injuries in FM12

    injuries are out of control... players going down for 5-8 weeks consistently... it's a bit much. I dunno if it's just a random number generator accidentally going out of control for some of us, or what, but I just had one game where 4 of my players went down for multiple weeks. That's on top of the 4 I've already got down. And a couple of them just refuse to stay healthy. They get half a game in after they're back and they're out for weeks again.
  7. Own goals

    That's unfortunate... this wasn't even a dubious goal... it was just out of his reach. He got finger tips to it, but he was never going to save it.
  8. Own goals

    So far, as long as the keeper is the last person to touch the ball before it goes over the line, it is giving an own goal. I've had two goals in the space of 3 minutes (1 for, 1 against) where the keeper attempted a save, but the ball still went in (ball would have gone in even if he hadn't touched it), and it's granted own goals. Surely that can't be right?
  9. FM 2012 First Match Result

    3-0 as Ajax. Forget who I beat. I've had a ridiculously good pre-season... 3-0, 6-0, 5-1, 4-0... lol I used to lose all my pre-season games. Let's hope they don't fall flat in the league.
  10. Ease of Play and the "feel"

    I skipped FM11 as I wasn't all that impressed with the demo. It was good, but it wasn't enough to make me buy it (I'd bought 9 and 10). I played 3 hours of FM2012 last night, and wow. Impressive to say the least. Good, good stuff. I'm loving the instant feedback from team talks. While it's still somewhat difficult and confusing to tell why they reacted a certain way (for example, passionately "if you play like that all the time, we're in for a great season" made them angry???), by and large it makes way more sense now, and the options to choose from are great! Being able to praise a players for turning his performance around in the second half and see that he appreciates it is huge. Really enjoying the locking aspect of certain contract items too. No Mr. Agent, you cannot have 750,000 dollers. You can have 300,000, because I don't want you, I want your player. I will pay your player a higher bonus for 30 goals if you ask for it instead though! Brilliant, brilliant addition to let me lock that in. The one thing I'm -not- liking is on the tactics screen, you can't tell what positions your bench players play from the right side of the pitch layout. I seem to recall their positions being noted below their jersey previously, but I could be wrong. I -do- like the info pop-ups that have been added. Way better than having to open profiles, or swap attribute views. I -do- like that when open scout reports, they tell me what TYPE of player at the position he is, or at least that the report is for. For example, advanced playmaker, support. That is incredibly useful. All around, I am just thoroughly impressed. One thing I would like to see improved though is the highlight uploading. It took me a bit to figure out how to get it to upload (there is no upload button, you have to choose the option again from the drop-down). Plus, the lead-in SI logo is almost half the youtube clip when all you're showing is the goal. It'd also be nice to be able to preview what you're uploading (ie. test the camera angle) from that screen, instead of having to view all highlights, etc... I uploaded one goal last night, and it's so zoomed out you can barely see the ball, even in 720p. Nonetheless, fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. I will be buying this year.
  11. frings

    I can't post the attributes right now, but yes, in the full game can you play as Toronto. I dont' think there's an MLS quick start but I could be wrong.
  12. My 1st Perfect 10.0

    lol @ "Walker, Texas Ranger"
  13. Do you put a GK on the bench?

    I only put a GK on the bench for really important matches (ie. tough cup matches), or if I have 7 sub slots. 5 or fewer and there's just not enough room to have a keeper taking a valuable sub slot.
  14. Kerry Katona is kinda hot when she isn't a balloon. As for MLS, Toronto uses their Academy extensively. They've signed at least one, and I believe it was two at the end of the season, of their academy players to senior contracts (Lindsey and Henry).
  15. Card Happy Ref's

    I found this in the demo too. Waaaaay too many cards. And if you change it to easy tackling, they score 900 goals instead.