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  1. This has just started happening for me, the only thing I have changed is added a match plan to defend between 85-90 mins if winning But next game I had a player subbed off at 30 mins, then another at 55. This has happened to me before but I can't remember how to sort it? Is it related to that match plan? Do they not work?
  2. Just got a new 14 year main sponsorship deal That not a bit excessive?
  3. I assume this is now a bug that I have had no youth intake? Never usually as late as May is it? Or has it changed this year?
  4. Crosses and headers look absolutely superb since full release Target man is rattling them in just now, 4 bullet headers in 2 games
  5. Do tactical briefings offer anything this year? Seemed like the biggest waste of time last year. Was it not just clicking buttons to go over what your team instructions already said?
  6. Can players get sent off for pushing/punching opposition? Like is it possible to wind someone up to get them sent off?
  7. Do you not get a message to say players loan is about to expire? Just had someone leave in jan without the chance to extend, very annoying
  8. But I didnt even get the Football Manager 2020 folder automatically created. It usually creates and has sub folder like "crash dumps", "tactics", "games", "graphics" etc But its not been created. So I made the Football Manager 2020 folder myself and put in graphics and its not working. It's like it's not recognising it. I have done it fine years before Any advice from the SI guys? Hate no graphics
  9. Great I thought so thanks. However, my FM2020 folders have not been automatically created within documents folder. I have tried making the folder and graphics and put this in and it's not loaded. Can someone advise how I can get the game to create these folders? Obviously me adding manually it is not working
  10. If I have a logo pack from last year, will it work if i put it in this years graphics folder, or does it need a new config file unique to fm2020? same with facepack etc
  11. What would the folder structure be to get to graphics? Plus will that not effect anything else the fact that it's not created?
  12. Does anyone have any idea why my FM 2020 folder hasnt automatically been created within documents folder? It means I can't add any logos etc
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