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  1. I have edited the file and put big Sam in as Everton manager, but he is completely absent from my game when it starts up. Ive tried everything, setting different start contract dates etc, have added him in the same way Ive done hundreds of times for other people with no issues. Everton start without a manger and you cant even find Allardyce by searching in game Any ideas?
  2. just started a new game and for some reason there is no tactical analysis showing This is when there are no players selected, but it remains the same when I have a team selected. I have an assiatant manager, 3 data analysts. cant think of anything else that would affect it. Any idea why?
  3. This is displaying when I try to run the Editor, had previously worked fine, just stopped working Any ideas? Cleared cashes, reverified files integrity as seen in a previous thread - still no use
  4. Will this have the manager picture thing built in from the other thread?
  5. There is absolutely no chance it does anything, same as all the interaction stuff. press conferences, tunnel interviews, all a waste of time, and too boring for SI to even look at improving from about 4 years ago
  6. When you choose no transfer budget first window, it means you can't even loan players, yet CPU team can, should this not be changed so it allows you to get people in as well on the wage bill if theres no fee?
  7. Just realised that the pre match briefing, when you're speaking to indivudual players, all your doing is adding or subtracting individual instructions. I thought it was reinforcing it in some way, or making them focus even more than usual on it. Just another example of using a long winded way to make it look like something new is happening. Full briefing thing is a waste of time, team barely react to anything
  8. Any idea why pop up boxes show this background within them for me?\
  9. And now can't see enough of the screen to change it back! Any ideas of how I can sort this?
  10. I actually agree I would say about 75% of my conceded goals are from crosses. Ive tried closing down the wingers, closing down the whole team, man marking OI, man marking in my own players PI, decreasing their mentality, everything and I can't stop the crosses coming in. Just always seem to have wingers being in acres of space and getting crosses in that never get dealt with by my defence. I'm Celtic as well so should have the better players in majority of league games
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