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  1. Bromley FC (...And the Rest of the World)

    Too bad about Dortmund, they really ought've been able to get past Ajax.
  2. and wanted to know if anyone has something similar and the number of leagues they can load comfortably after 10+ seasons or so. My specs are: Intel Core i5-480M 2.66GHz processor and 4GB DDR3 RAM Thanks for your help.
  3. Personally, I think there's a Champions League trophy missing from your cabinet.
  4. Just to pass the time

    Country you're based in: Scotland Club you are currently at: Dunfermline What season are you in: 2020/2021 (1st season with club) How well are you currently doing: Undefeated--one win and four draws Are you enjoying fm 2011: Yes, but the game is slowing down noticeably because of how far I am. Will you be starting a new game when the patch is released: Yes. If yes, then please state why: Because of the lag.
  5. [FM11] Revie was my hero.

    Congrats on the promotion! How old is your manager now, by the way?
  6. Hi everyone. Basically, I've been noticing a trend in hiring practices where clubs would rather sign inexperienced domestic coaches over experienced foreign managers. For instance, AEK signing Sotiris Kyrgiakos (who has never been a manager) rather than signing a foreigner with better reputation. Or several championship clubs like QPR will sign 33-year-old newly retired players over a host of unemployed Dutch, Italian, German, etc. managers with national rep. and above. So I've been using FMRTE to muck around a bit, but I can't do it. I've been trying to get a Greek manager into a first division German club--making both parties have 10,000 rep, putting them in each other's favoured relationships, etc. but the club keeps trying to sign a German manager. Anyone know how this mechanic works? Thanks for reading.
  7. In 2019 I noticed that Chelsea's manager was retiring and that John Terry was already managing in the Premier League. I thought it would be really cool to see Terry managing Chelsea so I made it so that he left his current club. But Chelsea went for a foreigner instead, so then I tried increasing reputation, adding him to favored personnel of the chairman, etc., but to no avail. Anyone have an idea of how to force a manager signing? Thanks.
  8. Competition time!

    Please pick me! Please pick me!
  9. Russia won the 2010 WC in my LLM save. And England came in second in its Euro 2012 Group (losing out to Wales), and got drawn against Spain in the playoffs. Then lost.
  10. Both the US and Mexico failed to qualify for the World Cup on a new save I started for 10.3, yet both Bradley and Aguirre remain national team managers. Am I safe in assuming that these are sackable offenses? Note: I took over at Mexico after noticing that Aguirre was still manager and qualifying was over.
  11. Congratz to Hershie, but-- Isn't it a lot easier to achieve European success since you've only loaded the Cyprus leagues? I assume you still beat teams that had Messi and Fabregas and so on, but the transfer AIs of these teams are not as involved as they could be.
  12. New stadium cost?

    Am I safe in assuming that a Chairman's hidden attributes (business sense, resources, ambition, etc.) have an effect on how they compute the requirements for a new stadium?
  13. I've lost interest because I'm waiting for the third patch. But really, if it seems monotonous to you right now, then there's nothing wrong with taking a break and doing other things. Come back when 10.3 comes out.
  14. Career Game Realism.

    I suggest you look at the Lower League Managers forum. You don't have to actually start at a lower league, but the guidelines they follow are probably what you want.
  15. Yup, it would be a good idea to post this in the Bugs forum. Throw in a screenshot and a save game if you can.