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  1. The Swedish Allsvenskan has a match rule of "at least 9 players trained by a club in Sweden", but what does this mean? Do they have to be Swedish or is it like a home grown thing, and if so, what is the age cut off for this?
  2. Funny Screenshots Thread

    How do you train yourself to be worse? He must have been working damn hard to do that ^
  3. Could you post Alex's history and your manager history please?
  4. I am 10 games into the first division season, I bought a player from Sao Paulo only to realise that I can't play him in the first division because he has played 7 games already, I was completely unware of this rule, I haven't been able to find it in the game so how on earth am I supposed to know about it? This has pretty much ruined the season already, with no available transfer funds and spending a large amount of wages on the player, I can't do anything to change it. I was just wondering whether this has happened to anyone else or whether it is a bug etc
  5. Problem with Lille

    You need a lot more depth in your squad so that you have a lot more options for positions and during a game you have a better oppurtunity to turn it around. Also try and get Pedretti to drop back to help out the defence when not in possesion.
  6. Is there a way to play a match on a different day becuase of players on international duty, I have 8 players away and it seems ridiculous that I have to play the game that I would rather play midweek.
  7. I am Dinamo Moscow in the second season and every scout report I get on somebody from abroad they have 'no intention' of joining. I just had a report on Glenn Whelan who is transfer listed and on loan at Barnsley - no intention of joining, a player in the Lille reserves - no intention, is there a reason behind this or a way to change it?
  8. Foreign Leagues

    Your wage budget isn't relevant to the staff budget, I don't think you can change the staff budget
  9. Even better odds then!
  10. Gillingham - Dover FA Cup final in the next 60 years, i'm off down the bookies
  11. Yeah I see this a lot, no manager will get sacked for a round 2 weeks then on one day 5 or 6 managers will get sacked on one day across Europe.
  12. This has happened before but I thought it was fixed on the current patch, it never saves anything I do all I want is for corners to go to the far post but it never saves and when I look back it's back on mixed, am I missing something or doing something wrong?? :confused:
  13. I usually round up wages, so if a player wants £4,700 I will offer £5,000, just ocd like that, I have always done it. I only don't if I need to save money or its just youth players.
  14. 3 managers got sacked in 2 days from the championship in my game