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  1. [FMF] Power Regens

    There are a lot of clubs in more obscure countries that have youth academies in FM. Many top clubs in various countries have them. But the problem seems to be that these academies are not capable of producing players of a quality beyond their youth setup ratings. Ideally, most players should be of a quality consistent with the youth setup rating for the club, but we should occasionally see a star emerge. My guess is that Football Manager does not allow these occasional deviations from the norm, or at least it doesn't allow them often enough to make the experience more realistic to the user. When people end up editing these numbers for the youth setups, it potentially upsets the balance of the game, because this can have a huge effect on the individual clubs in these obscure countries, and those clubs can suddenly become powerful forces in continental tournaments. And that can also lead to the national teams being too good. Unfortunately, I don't think we can create a good balance with the editor. If people edit the youth academy and youth setup settings, then this has a permanent impact on the game. It's all or nothing. We need FM to be programmed so that the youth setup ratings are reliable numbers with more chance of deviation and the occasional world star player emerging from lesser youth academies.
  2. Group C - England vs Algeria: ITV1 at 19:30

    Here's a novel idea: England is England. It really doesn't matter who wears the shirts. We could just as easily be talking about Alan Shearer or Teddy Sheringham rather than Wayne Rooney and Emile Heskey. England simply cannot play under the pressure of the world stage and media scrutiny. The team has been abysmal historically in European Championships and has failed to qualify for the World Cup finals three times in the past 10 tournaments. This disqualifies England from any discussion about the truly elite national sides in the world. Teams like Argentina, Brazil, Italy and Germany do not have these sorts of failures, no matter who is on the pitch or who is managing. There has been an endless string of failed managers for England. Graham Taylor, Terry Venables, Glenn Hoddle, Kevin Keegan, Sven-Goran Eriksson, Steve McClaren, and now Fabio Capello. But does any of it really matter? Tactics and substitutions cannot take the blame for what has gone on for 20 years now. I think it's simply down to the fact that English players cannot thrive under the pressure of wearing the national team shirt. They do not handle the media scrutiny, they often play scared or recklessly, and they are prone to making fundamental mistakes on the biggest stages. Maybe England will go through from the group stages in this World Cup. We'll wait for the results. But I think it's quite clear that this team has no chance of winning the World Cup and minimal chance of advancing beyond the round of 16 or quarterfinals.
  3. Spanish Third Division

    Can anyone comment on whether this file works with patch 10.2 and whether the proper regional promotions were added to FM by the research team as suggested above?
  4. Spanish Third Division

    Probably because the file does not contain any added data or updates. It probably just adds the Spanish Tercera as a playable league structure. Any news on adding the correct regional promotions to this file?
  5. Here is some insight on this kind of event IRL. I saw an interesting discussion about player transfers on a television program, and it focused on the huge impact that shirt sales have on the transfer market. Many clubs sell off players and bring in new stars in part because of the massive revenue created by shirt sales when a new player arrives. This was cited as one of the leading factors in player transfers and why the amount spent by clubs seems exaggerated compared to the actual competitive value of the players. The real secret is that the player is not actually worth 20+ million in football terms. But the player's value on the pitch PLUS his shirt sales can equal an amount that is two, three or four times the value of the transfer. Hence, we see huge transfer fees and the occasional decisions by the board to sell players when there is no financial need and it doesn't seem to make much football sense. However, if they reinvest the money in a new signing or two, that can generate a massive increase in overall revenue by selling new shirts that bear the names of the new arrivals. So, perhaps it might help to imagine that this is why your board has forced you to sell a player in the game. Maybe that would relieve the sting a bit, although we know that FM is not quite sophisticated enough to be truly simulating this aspect of real football.
  6. One patch on release day and then waiting nearly three months for the next patch is unacceptable in my opinion. I haven't had many issues with the game except for a colossal bug which has been around for years. But those who would like to download progressive 'beta' or open patches should have the option to do so. I think the primary reason that SI waits to release a second patch is because of the stupid transfer window. Ignore that rubbish. Leave that to a pure data update when the time comes. In the meantime, there should be at least a monthly patch update.
  7. My guess is that this is a bug where the game is reading your XML file and putting Mark Cooper at Peterborough, but it's still allowing him to stay at Kettering in the database.
  8. Report this in the bugs forum.
  9. Ken Jude, you could use Super Bladesman's file, which has 10 levels of football, to manage your club without having to move them up.
  10. I would prefer to rely on SI researchers, but it's pretty clear that anything below the Blue Square North and South is not getting researched well enough, and there are entire clubs that are lacking in data. So my suggestion of adding players was based solely on adding their names, birth dates, positions and personal information based on club websites. Attributes could be left to FM to randomly assign. Anyway, it's a thought.
  11. My only recommendation right now is to potentially add actual players to the database for these levels. But that takes a lot of work, and not all of the data may be available. That's the only thing that's lacking. I'd rather not rely on the game creating a bunch of newgens to fill out the squads, and very few clubs at these levels have enough players and staff to go around.
  12. I'd try the logo packs from sortitoutsi.net. You might have to download an English pack from 2008 or 2009, though. I don't think there are any comprehensive English packs released in the 2010 section yet.
  13. FM10 "squad management expert"

    Just sack a couple of your coaches and the problem is solved. The board tends to approve only as many coaches as are realistic for a club your size with the finances that it has.
  14. reputation progress

    Are you sure you selected Sunday league footballer and not automatic reputation? There are numerous reports that automatic reputation can give you a much higher reputation than you think, and it leads to getting unrealistic job offers. Have you won any awards like manager of the month, and have you had any good cup runs? That can help increase your reputation. What is your reputation in your profile right now?
  15. The ultimate retain players file.

    Don't use the old file or the DDT generator anymore. You can get the same and even better results much more quickly by using the custom database options when creating a new saved game.