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  1. V3 Come Out It's for 15.3 attacking:343(very good)>442≥4411 defending:4411(very good)≥442(very good)>343 Corner Takers : STC in 343 ; ST in 442 or 4411 http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/downl...o=file&id=8917
  2. Oh bad luck! No tactic can win every match Luck is also very important Try a few more games
  3. V2 Come Out It's for 15.1.4 I Recommend: 343>4411=442 Improved defensive corner Corner Takers : STC in 343 ; ST in 442 or 4411 http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/downl...o=file&id=8917 only changed "tackle easy" to "tackle normal"
  4. Tests I prefer use the results from others players to prove my tactics. Thank you very much for your tests! I'm waiting for you! FM-Base Patch 15.2
  5. Training(only for my tactics) Individual training time spend on "Focus" "New Position" "Preferred Move" will always add up to 100% As for what to set for "Focus Intensity", "Light", "Average", "Heavy" is all up to how much you want your players to focus on. ST: Poacher AMRL: 1. Poacher 2. Inside Forward AMC: 1. Poacher 2. Inside Forward 3. Trequartista 4. Quickness(if his Acc&Pace are not enough) MRL: Winger MC: Box to Box Midfielder or Defensive Midfielder DM: Defensive Midfielder or Box to Box Midfielder DRL: Complete Wing Back DC: 1. Limited Defender 2. Quickness(if his Acc&Pace are not enough) GK: Goalkeeper
  6. V3 (for 15.3) Come Out My tactics were very popular in FM2014 Tactics - Downloads - Football Manager 2014 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats FM2015 Which one is the best? These are all depending on your players. 343 look nicer when you watch them play. You can also use them in turn. I Recommend: [15.3] attacking:343(very good)>442≥4411 defending:4411(very good)≥442(very good)>343 [15.X.X--15.2.1]343>4411=442 Player Requirements ML/DL: a little better with right foot; MR/DR: a little better with left foot.?You can train your players into position that is orange or yellow color. Which is "Awkward" or "Unconvincing",but if he is strong,you can use immediately) Either foot? See his best foot. Just a little better,don't mind too much. You also can use left on left and right on right. STL/AMCL/MCL: a little bit better with right foot; STR/AMCR/MCR: a little bit better with left foot. ST: 1. Finishing,Composure; 2. Pace &Acc, Dribbling. STC: your best ST AMC: 1. Pace &Acc, Dribbling; 2. Finishing, Composure;3. Passing, Creativity. MRL(inside): 1. Pace &Acc, Dribbling; 2.Crossing,Finishing,Composure;3(not very necessary). Passing,Creativity,Tackling. you can also train ST or AMRL to MRL. MC: 1.Passing, Creativity; 2.Dribbling,Acc &Pace 3(not very necessary). Finishing,Long shots 4(not necessary). Tackling,Strength,Stamina DM: 1. Strength, Tackling (better learned tackles); 2.Acc &Pace; 3(not necessary). Passing, Creativity DRL: 1. Acc &Pace,Dribbling; 2. Tackling,Positioning 3(not necessary).Jumping, Crossing,Strength, DC: 1. Jumping ; 2.Acc & Pace , Heading; 3. Positioning, Strength, Tackling GK: 1. Reflexes,One On Ones;2. Handling Tactic(442,343) with "L" prefix means place your MC ?or ST in 4411? who use right leg to the left side, tactic with "R" prefix is the opposite,it's a little bit better ( ^_^ ) Match Preparation: Attacking Movement.The amount of training is max:50%;but when the familiarity is full, change to 30% Match preparation is a must, even if your team are gel-ed already, unless you want to give up on your league results. I personally recommend "Attacking Movement" You'd better play with very weak teams in friendlies of pre-season,it can improve more morales. Main Focus: Balanced Intensity Level:Average ;or High(If you have enough players) Pitch Size: Small Corner Takers : STC in 343 ; ST in 442 or 4411 Don't Set Long Shot. When down to 10 man: 342 4410 or 441 Touchline instructions Opposition Instructions The actual effect is too difficult to test, so I do not study and use. Too many wingers? Can train into ST or MRL. When can a tactic become gelled to the max? Normally, about 2-3 months, the Familiarity of Match Preparation will be maxed out, thus we can see the effect/result of the tactic more clearly. After 2-3 seasons later, when Squad Harmony is maxed out, the tactic will be fully utilize to the max. What is the use of Squad Harmony? Who does one improve them? Squad Harmony increase a team potential by alot, when it is maxed out, the team will be very strong and united. Deal with those players immediately with Unhappiness and/or need attention from you. Let them play some matches which are suitable for them. If letting them played in matches still cant solve their problem, just sell them away. Players who dislike one another, choose 1 and sell the other away. The best solution is to praise your players until they named you as favoured personnel, and stop praising them when you saw your name shown in favoured personnel. And when you try to pull a young player up, they will easily named you as their favourite persoannel. At the beginning of all new season, please set all bonus to "high". E.g High cup bonus, High league bonus etcs By choosing high bonus reward, your player will perform better. Past Playing Experience: International Footballer By the same token The two options are game difficulty Try not to tweak my tactic. Please use the original tactic for at least half season to know how well is the tactic to your team. Then, you can try to tweak the tactic to suit yourselves as you will then know if what you are tweaking on will improve your team performance. If not, don't blame on my tactic if the results you have is not what you want it to be. Anyone can share my tactics without asking me for permission. If you download a .FMF file and don't know how to get it into the game http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/share-download-fm-15-tactics/184003-fmf-tread.html Download 15.3 Zero Sea's Athena V3 -- 343 442 4411 Etc - Downloads - Football Manager 2014 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats If you do not have an unzip software,you can use a free unzip software -- 7-zip Click here
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