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  1. it means that game is ready and is in the last step of developing, going in manufacturing
  2. thank you for reply. Ipod and Iphone versions are the same or are just bit different? Also with Ipod are available updates?
  3. i know that is possible with PSP. I want to know if the Iphone's DB has got a lot of youngsters
  4. so also in the FMHI update there are a lot of youngsters like Suso, Morrison, Kalas, Figuereido and so on, right? I would know because i decided to buy FMHi, but before, i want to know if there are some young players...
  5. There is a way to edit data like FMH on psp? And the update that will be available in next days/weeks, it's just an update about transfers, or includes also more players (like Miyiachi)? Another question: there are differences between FMHI DB and FMH on PSP DB? Thank you a lot.
  6. their personalities could change.
  7. SI don't answer

    i've send a mail yesterday
  8. for me you aren't a good manager. and that's not a game problem
  9. SI don't answer

    i hope that someone of SI have the honestly to say: we've forget to put this editions this 2 features. or i hope that they'll do something with the next 2 patches.
  10. SI don't answer

    incredible: nobody of this community can't answer me.
  11. SI don't answer

    ok, i know. but nobody knows where are this 2 features.
  12. I've asked in a topic a lot of times if the player meeting feature this year is available in the game, like in the last FM edition, but NOBODY answer me. And i've another question: is possible this year ask to a player to don't retire?
  13. Possible Bug in Serie A

    for who needs italian traduction: yes, it means that Munoz is an EU player.